Building Information Modeling Certificate (036B) - Construction Management Technology

SWIC's Building Information Modeling (BIM) certificate provides opportunities for students to explore pre-construction and construction phases of building projects using information modeling software. The computer is very much alive in the construction industry and as demand increases as a result of more stringent building codes, sustainable construction methods, and alternate project delivery methods, use of BIM within the construction industry will continue to grow. Students are required to learn modeling software including identification and assembly of parts and products. Unlike traditional two dimensional drawings, BIM models store information related to both quantity and quality of the proposed structure. Students learn how to use the software to the benefit of the construction process including structural, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems integration for the purpose of constructability modeling, clash detection, scheduling, and estimating as well as other pre-construction phase tasks. Construction applications include process improvement techniques while focusing on updating the model as change occurs during construction.  Students will be introduced to advanced delivery methods including paperless job sites, the virtual job trailer as well as tough tablets used on job sites. The Building Information Modeling Certificate will provide current needed training and experience for construction managers, scheduling and estimating staff, designers, draftsmen, project superintendents, job foreman and building tradespeople.  

Building Information Modeling Certificate (036B)

Course Number Course Description Credits
CMT 280 BIM I: Model Articulation


CMT 281 BIM II: Pre Construction


CMT 282 BIM III: Construction


Total Credits