Internship Program

What is an Internship?

An internship is an extension of the classroom into the work environment. Students learn theory, concepts, and techniques in the classroom that they apply in work settings. Through internships, students gain valuable experience.

How do I get started in an internship?

Contact your program coordinator well ahead of time to make plans for your internship, and once approved, enroll in the course. Early contact with your program coordinator will increase the likelihood of arranging for a desirable work site.

How far in advance should I plan for the internship?

Several of the programs will not allow for internships until a student has completed at least 12 credit hours in their major. You should allow two months of lead time to look for an internship. Try to plan for your internship when you are taking the fewest courses.

How do I find an internship site?

Several avenues exist to identify appropriate internship sites. Your program coordinator may have suggestions or refer you to the Internship Specialist in the Career Services office for assistance. In addition, you should do your own research and have a list of companies to suggest. The choice of a site is important since internships may lead to employment.

How much time does it take?

During your internship, you will work about 20 hours per week. Most internships or field experience projects require 160 to 240 hours of work, depending on the program. In general, internships are complete by the end of the semester. Occasionally, a program coordinator permits an internship to begin before the beginning of the next semester or carry hours over into the following semester. In planning your internship, take into consideration the time needed for your other classes and responsibilities.

Benefits of an internship:

• Gain work experience
• Earn college credit
• Get paid (in some cases)
• Enhance your resume
• Develop business contacts
• Gain employment (in some cases)

For more information:

Contact Yvonne Fricker at 618-235-2700, ext. 5553 or by email.

Read our Internship for Employers Brochure.