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Drinking alcohol is a part of many societies. Individuals drink to celebrate, to relax with others, and as part of their social activity. For most, drinking alcohol does not negatively impact their lives; however, for others, their consumption begins to cause problems. A general guideline to understanding alcohol abuse and alcoholism is, “If drinking is causing problems, then it is a problem.”


Drug use is illegal and puts the users at risk each time they partake in illegal or non-prescribed drugs. Individuals who start out as recreational or social users can quickly lose control due to changes in the brain caused by repeated drug use. A desire to use more often occurs, and it is not uncommon for the person’s life to begin to spiral out of control with problems.

A growing concern within the US population, especially among kids and young adults, is the use of synthetic drugs. These products are marketed strategically to seem harmless because of easy and “legal” accessibility. However, these products are anything but harmless. The consumption of products such as bath salt or K2/Spice may result in various health issues, one including death.

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