Anxiety and Panic

anxiety and panic


Anxiety is a feeling of being worried, nervous, fearful, or apprehensive. A little anxiety is normal in situations such as a test, an approaching deadline, or in an alarming situation. Anxiety in small amounts can provide that spark or energy to be productive; however, when anxiety begins to consume one's life, interferes with daily activities, and/or there is a sense of dread or fear for no apparent reason, help is necessary. Increased anxiety levels are sometimes connected to particular situations (social anxiety), topics (math anxiety), and/or things (phobias).


Panic is a type of anxiety and occurs when a person has repeated periods of extreme panic, called panic attacks. During a panic attack, individuals can feel tightness in the chest, racing thoughts, shortness of breath, or sweating. Individuals become preoccupied with escaping the stressful situation as they fear losing control, doing something embarrassing, or perhaps dying. Panic is a debilitating feeling.

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