Safe Driving

safe driving

Do Your Part

Safe driving is everyone’s business and we can each do our part to keep the roads safe for each other. Buckle up, slow down, and follow the rules of the road along with these basic guidelines:

  1. Text only when safely off the road
  2. Use a cell phone headset or pull safely off the road to use the phone
  3. Avoid distracted driving
    1. Keep both hands on the wheel
    2. Keep your eyes on the road
    3. Keep music at a lower volume
    4. Minimize friends riding with you
  4. Drive with care -- speeding and reckless driving can kill you and/or others.
  5. Never drink and drive, and do NOT get in the car with a drinking driver.

SWIC Assistance

Counselors are available at each of the Southwestern Illinois College Counseling Centers for assistance. Contact us.


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