Knowing how to prevent unsafe situations is the best way to keep yourself, others, and your belongings safe. 

One avenue of safety prevention includes Internet usage. Users of the Internet need to understand how to protect themselves from sharing too much private information, especially while using social media sites. It is common for prospective employers and college programs to check information and pictures you have posted on social media sites, as well as what others have posted about you. Statements or pictures that may seem harmless or fun can affect your chances of acceptance into a desired transfer school or program as well as future employment. Additionally, providing too much personal information on public sites can jeopardize your safety from potential criminals who suddenly have all of your information at their fingertips.  

Other safety issues may arise while you are on campus, in a parking lot, traveling, on a date, or even at home. Preparing yourself with the necessary skills to prevent and handle these situations is invaluable. Prevention is of course key to avoiding many harmful situations, but knowing how to respond to such situations is equally important. 

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