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Southwestern Illinois College Foundation
2500 Carlyle Avenue
Belleville, Illinois 62221
Main Complex, Room 2240

Phone: 618-235-2700, ext. 5215
Toll Free: 866-942-SWIC (7942), ext. 5215
Fax: 618-235-1134            

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Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Haley Thompson
Executive Director
ext. 5493

Rena Thoele
Associate Director

ext. 5647

Sandy Billhartz
Scholarship Assistant

ext. 5518

Michele Crehan
Special Events Administrative Assistant
ext. 5663

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Board Members

Carol A. Bartle

Norma L. Bellcoff

Karen G. Bergman

Tina Besserman

Mary Buettner

Barbara Cempura

Matthew Gomric

Constance Kurowski

Constance A. Kurowski

Mark A. Lee

Michael W. Leopold

Bob Novack

Christopher C. Schroeder

Michael S. Sutton

Ex-Officio Members

Nick Mance
Chair - Board of Trustees

Georgia Costello, Ph.D.
College President

Mike Fleming
Vice President for Marketing and Institutional Advancement

Margot Middleton-Holt
Foundation Treasurer

Clarissa Henry
Foundation Board Secretary

Back to Top Our Mission

The Southwestern Illinois College Foundation exists to maintain and enhance the quality of life by developing friends and funds for support of the educational cultural and service goals of Southwestern Illinois College.

The SWIC Foundation promotes excellence by securing gifts for special educational and cultural activities that are not part of the college budget.

Back to Top Legal and Tax Information

Our official corporate name is Southwestern Illinois College Foundation.

This name should be used in all legal documents. Gifts to the Southwestern Illinois College Foundation qualify as charitable contributions to an IRS Section 501 (C)(3) organization for federal estate and gift tax purposes.

Back to Top 2015 Financial Summary

Support and Revenues 
Gifts & Grants  $1,532,933.09
Event Sponsorships $170,507.50
   Misc. Income-Sale of Artwork  $647.20  
 Revenue from Fundraising Events  $54,765.50
    Less Fundraising Expenses  $(89,454.17)
    Net Fundraising Income  $135,818.83 
 Investment Dividends and Interest  $177,754.36   
 Net Realized Gain/(Loss) on Investments  $14,968.92  
 Net Unrealized Gain/(Loss) on Investments   $(362,498.94)
 Rental Income  $1,117.29 
 Total Support & Revenues of:  $1,500,740.75 
 Program Costs  
              Academic Program Costs  $69,361.04  
              Enhancement Grant Payments  $17,346.02   
              Capital Improvements  $10,679.00    
 Student Grants and Scholarships  $228,949.37  
 Administrative Expenses  $4,108.91  
 Investment Fiduciary Fees  $23,066.93  
 Write off uncollectible gifts  $-  
 Total Expenses  $353,511.27  
 Net Income/Loss  $1,147,229.48
 The 12/31/15 Fund Balance is represented by:  
 Cash of:  $624,983.85
 Investments at Fair Market Value of:  $6,499,797.92   
 Art Collections,   $428,578.09 
 SAC Assets & Piano Net of Depreciation  $10,477.30 
 Beneficial Interest in Perpetual Trust  $64,220.82  
 Pledge Receivable $500,000.00
 Prepaid Expenses  $-
 Accounts Payable  $(2,334.41)
 Resulting in Total Assets on 12/31/15 $8,136,123.57

Download a PDF of Form 990.