Outcomes Assessment Committees

The assessment of student learning at SWIC is a faculty driven process. It is coordinated by a full-time faculty member and all committees are composed primarily of faculty representing all instructional divisions.

AA/AS Degree Champions Committee

The AA/AS Degree Champions Committee oversees and directs assessment of student learning for the AA and AS transfer degrees.

Core Competency Focus Groups 

Each of the three core competency focus groups is responsible for the oversight of the assessment activities related to the competencies in that category. They define and confirm the competencies collaboratively with the college faculty, transfer institutions and local employers; develop evaluative tools to assess the competencies; provide faculty development specific to the competencies; evaluate and disseminate findings from the student learning assessments; and make recommendations relative to the outcomes to the curriculum committee.

Co-Curricular OA Committee   

The Co-Curricular Outcomes Assessment Committee works collaboratively with the Instructional OA committees to promote, improve, and support student learning and development outside of the classroom. The committee provides oversight for co-curricular assessment by reviewing assessment plans, providing feedback to improve them, and approving completed plans. The committee assists departments in developing and articulating mission statements and goals for each co-curricular area, in devising methods to gain feedback on progress in meeting departmental goals, and in determining strategies for using feedback to modify the program, service, activity, or department in order to ensure that goals are met. 

Disciplines Committee 

The Disciplines committee is responsible for overseeing assessment at the program, degree or discipline level. Mission statements, educational goals, assessment tools, and action plans (data reporting and resulting changes) as well as the establishment of an assessment cycle for each discipline, program/degree are components of the discipline, and program/degree assessment at SWIC. The committee works with disciplines, and programs/degrees supplying expertise and education when and where needed. 

General Education Committee 

The General Education Outcomes Assessment Committee is entrusted with the responsibility of implementing principles and an agenda that will assist SWIC faculty in further development and use of tools and procedures that will be used to assess student learning related to the general education institutional "core competencies". The core competencies for all degree seeking students are: communication skills, reasoning skills, and citizenship.    

OA Steering Committee

The OA steering committee is responsible for the oversight and evaluation of the efforts of the General Education and Disciplines Outcomes Assessment Committees and the Outcomes Assessment Coordinator. The committee oversees relevant AQIP action projects related to outcomes assessment and the improvement of student learning. The committee will report to the College and the Board of Trustees regarding its findings and make recommendations to improve student learning related to outcomes assessment.