Computer Classes

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Adult Basic Education offers free computer classes to GED students, English as a Second Language students and Department of Human Services participants. Classes are designed for adults with little or no previous computer experience.

Belleville Campus    
Beginning ComputersMC Room 1421 5:30-8:20 p.m. M, W June 9 - 23
Beginning KeyboardingMC Room 14215:30-8:20 p.m.T,ThJune 10-24
Word ProcessingMC Room 1421 5:30-8:20 p.m.July 2-30
Sam Wolf Granite City Campus    
Introduction to the InternetRoom 5345:30-8:20 p.m.MJune 2-30
Introduction to Excel*Room 5345:30-8:20 p.m.WJuly 2-30
East St. Louis Community College Center    
Beginning ComputersRoom 20105:30-9:20 p.m.MJune 2-23
Basic KeyboardingRoom 20105:30-9:20 p.m.WJune 4-25
Microsoft OfficeRoom 2010 5:30-9:20 p.m. July 7-28

*Basic knowledge of Windows operating system and mouse is required.

For more information, call or email:

618-235-2700, ext. 5525
toll-free in Illinois 866-942-SWIC (7942), ext. 5525