Current Action Projects

Back to Top Communication

Assess the effectiveness of our communication with all employee groups, students, prospective students and other external stakeholders. Special consideration should be given to:

  • Methods of communication
  • Timeliness
  • Accessibility to information
  • Organization and centralization of information
  • Communication from the top down and bottom up

Recommend needed improvements that create a culture of awareness, trust and support.

Back to Top Student Retention

Improve Institutional Processes to Achieve Enhanced Student Retention

Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of SWIC processes and services that assist students in meeting their educational goals. This includes personal connections through Counselors and/or Departmental Advisers and how we direct students to our existing services. Develop recommendations that reduce duplication of efforts and result in improved retention for existing students. The project should include a thorough evaluation of the counseling, career advising, and course/program advising processes and recommend improvements that will better serve students by increasing student satisfaction, student retention, and the achievement of degrees and certificates.

Back to Top Infrastructure

Assess and recommend network bandwidth availability and allocation in support of academic priorities. Prioritize the accessibility of the College’s WIFI resources by all commonly-used devices—specifically including iPhone and iPad.

Assess current practices of collection, storage and access of student data and recommend changes to improve the ability of various departments to centralize data, minimize redundancy and provide access.