2014-15 Financials

In accordance with the Illinois community college system funding formulas, Southwestern Illinois College financial support comes from three primary sources: tuition and fees; enrollment-based state funding; and local property taxes. Complementary income is generated through federal, state and local grants, and philanthropic donations through the SWIC Foundation. All funds are dedicated to furthering the core mission of instruction, as every dollar invested in a community college yields a three-fold regional return on investment.

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Chart - FY2015 Revenue

Revenue By the Numbers
Local RevenueLocal$13,748,198$5,221,255$18,969,453
State RevenueState$11,915,578$2,024,105$13,939,683
Tuition RevenueTuition$29,083,502-$29,083,502
Other RevenueOther$656,557$52,197$708,754

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Chart - FY2015 Expenditures

Breakdown of Expenditures
Instruction ExpendituresInstruction$27,910,191-$27,910,191
Academic ExpendituresAcademic$1,892,193-$1,892,193
Student ExpendituresStudent$6,505,958-$6,505,958
Public ExpendituresPublic$1,238,038-$1,238,038
O&M of plantO&M of plant-$6,644,030$6,644,030
Institutional ExpendituresInstitutional$13,866,758$3,084,574$16,951,332
Scholarships, student grants and waiversScholarships, student grants and waivers$2,408,403-$2,408,403