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Published: May 2013 - Download the PDF Report

Published: June 1, 2009 - Download the PDF Report

Published: May 31, 2005 - Download the PDF Report

SWIC's accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requires that it describe its key processes and systems- and associated outcomes- in a 100-page AQIP Systems Portfolio. The portfolio is updated annually and is periodically evaluated by the HLC as part of SWIC's cycle of accreditation. The College uses feedback from the HLC in the Systems Appraisal Report to improve its processes and, consequently, the quality of the instruction and support services that it delivers.

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Published: Aug. 23, 2013 - Download the PDF Report

Published: Sept. 20, 2009 - Download the PDF Report

Published: Nov. 22, 2005 - Download the PDF Report

The Systems Appraisal of Southwestern Illinois College is conducted by the Academic Quality Improvement Program of The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The appraisal is a review of the institution's systems portfolio by a team of commission-trained, experienced reviewers knowledgeable about quality in higher education. The team, through consensus, generates a detailed feedback report the institution can use as it develops its future action projects and plans for its next strategy forum.

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Published: May 8, 2004 - Download the PDF Report

The information in this report tracks the progress made thus far on our journey of inclusive, continuous improvement. While this is, by no means, all that will be done for accreditation through AQIP, it is the first phase of making institutional improvements based upon your thoughts and ideas.

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SWIC is working on its second set of AQIP Action Projects. Its first was completed in February of 2006. These initial projects were very successful and received excellent reviews from the Higher Learning Commission.

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The Retired Action Project Reports Archive page has a compilation of reports created pertaining to the relevant Action Project.

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