PTA program and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: What’s the Connection?

8/25/2014 4:28:18 PM

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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, known simply as ALS, is one of the illnesses physical therapist assistants help treat.

As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge began to spread across social media, SWIC PTA Program Coordinator Kim Snyder wanted to get her students involved.

“Students in the PTA program will be introduced to numerous neurological diseases and the therapies that go along with them,” she said. “Second-year students in the PTA program will be discussing ALS later this semester, so the challenge is very timely.”

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a popular fundraiser rapidly spreading across social media. Buckets of ice-cold water are dumped over the heads of those who have been challenged through social media to do so. They then call out other people or groups to do the same or to donate to the ALS Association to find a cure.

The challenges at SWIC began when Medical Laboratory Technician Coordinator Jean Deitz and her students took a face-full of ice water in honor of ALS research.

“In Health Sciences, we care for the sick,” Deitz said. “My program tests for diseases, such as this one. It would be neat if we could spearhead getting all Health Sciences programs to do it.” And it seems to be working.

Deitz and her students challenged the PTA program. After completing their dunk, Snyder and her students challenged SWIC Health Sciences and Homeland Security Dean Julie Muertz.

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