Digital Marketing Certificate

Digital marketing courses and website basics are the focus of the Digital Marketing Certificate. 
The certificate requires only five courses with a total of 11 credit hours.

Update Your Marketing Skills

This program is ideal for people who want to break into the field of eMarketing; experienced businesspeople who want to expand their skills; and business owners who want to promote their business via a website, search engine marketing and social media marketing.

Digital Marketing Certificate Courses

CIS 155 - Basic Web Page Design

This course is designed to teach students to apply the essential design skills required in developing successful Web pages. • 1 semester credit

CIS 161 - HTML Basics

This course is designed to teach students to use the HyperText Markup Language to create Web pages. Students will become acquainted with the hardware, software and programming techniques required in creating and maintaining Web documents and sites. • 1 semester credit

MKT 226 - eMarketing

This course provides an overview of the ways marketers use the Internet to connect with customers to promote and sell products and services. The course examines email marketing, advertising, search marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing. The course will address the need to integrate online and offline marketing efforts. Search engine optimization and analytics are introduced as well. Students will be required to register for several social media websites. • 3 semester credits

MKT 228 - Social Media Tools

This course provides instruction for using a variety of social media tools. It includes a discussion of how social media is used to market products and services. Students will create accounts on a number of social networking sites and develop basic skills in their use from a personal and/or business perspective. Discussion topics will include: best practices in the use of social media, trends in social media use and ethical issues. • 3 semester credits

MKT 227 - SEO & Web Analytics for Marketing

This course introduces students to search engine optimization techniques used to help drive traffic to a Web page. It is also an introduction to website analytics for the purpose of determining the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts. Students will learn through hands-on activities in demo sites and simulations. Topics include the technical aspects of search engine optimization, backlink building, keyword research, paid search advertising, email marketing and Google Analytics. Instructor Laurie Almodovar has over 6 years’ experience in digital marketing as an in-house specialist and freelance/small business owner. • 3 semester credits