EBSCO Database Linking


This page provides step-by-step instuctions for instructors who wish to link to articles found in the EBSCO periodicals database.

  1. To create page, click "Search for Articles."

    EBSCO linking 1 

  2. Select database, enter keyword and click "Search."

    EBSCO linking 2 

  3. Database articles will appear. Select the articles you wish to add to your page.

    EBSCO linking 3 

  4. Scroll to bottom and click "Create Page."

    EBSCO linking 4 

  5. Click on the image of the design you wish to use. To review the design before selecting click "View ... Design."

    EBSCO linking 5 

  6. In this example, the college design image was selected. You then have the option to choose the type of page you want to create.

    EBSCO linking 6 

  7. In this example, "TOPIC ROOM" was selected. Fill in the form information and click the "Continue" button.

    EBSCO linking 7 

  8. You then have the option to review your selections, return to searching, add a URL, etc. You have to scroll the bottom window down to insert the article in your page.

    EBSCO linking 8 

  9. Click the "Insert Item Here" button.

    EBSCO linking 9 

  10. The article is added.

    EBSCO linking 10 

  11. In the top window, click the right arrow to advance to the next URL.

    EBSCO linking 11 

  12. Click the second "Insert Item Here" button underneath the previously selected article.

    EBSCO linking 12 

  13. When finished inserting all of your articles, click "Preview & Save." You then have the option to either send an HTML page that is created for you to your e-mail address, or you can select the preview button, which opens the HTML page within the browser, and you can click "File/Save" from there.

    EBSCO linking 13 

    EBSCO linking 14 

  14. The "Preview" button was selected in the previous example and the HTML page was created. At this point the page can be saved directly to your computer and imported into WebCT.

    EBSCO linking 15 

    EBSCO linking 16 

    EBSCO linking 17