Education - Elementary Pre-Major

Education is the field of knowledge that deals with the various aspects of the profession of teaching. Among other things, teaching involves making decisions about what and how to teach, engaging students in learning activities, managing learning environments and assessing student behavior and achievement. Elementary education generally encompasses teaching grades K-9. 

For more information about the Education - Elementary program, please contact the program coordinator, Caroline Adams, at 618-235-2700, ext. 5729 or

Educational Program

Refer to the suggested curriculum and the graduation requirements as a guide for completing this program. 

Career Opportunities

Students completing a bachelor's degree in elementary education may be eligible for certification to teach grades K-9. Career paths in coaching or becoming a curriculum specialist may also be possible. 

SWIC has partnerships with the following Schools of Education to complete a bachelor's degree in elementary education (information on other education-related programs offered on campuses is also available from these sources): 

  • SIUE (Dual admission is available for seamless transfer.) The SIUE office is open at the SWIC Belleville Campus everyday (office in MC building, near Public Safety). Contact Roxie Renner ( for more information.
  • Greenville College (UTEP program; junior/senior years to be offered at the SWIC Belleville Campus when possible.) An admissions counselor is at the Belleville Campus one day per week (office in LA faculty office area). Contact admissions counselor ( for an appointment, or Megan Tyler for more information (
  • SIUC Red Bud (UTEP program; junior/senior years to be offered at the SWIC Red Bud campus when possible.) An advisor is available at the SWIC Red Bud Campus daily. Contact Kristin White ( for more information.

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