High School Partnership Programs

About the programs

SWIC offers many opportunities for high school students to access college programs and classes.

Some programs are considered dual credit opportunities, where the student simultaneously earns high school and college credit. Some initiatives are dual enrollment, where only college credit is earned. 

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Running Start Options

Running Start

Highly qualified high school students earn a high school diploma while simultaneously earning an associate degree from SWIC. Courses, which are college-level with advanced rigor and subject matter, are taught on a SWIC campus. Students are integrated into existing college classes and attend full-time.  

Intended for...Academically prepared and socially mature students with at least a 3.0 high school GPA who test into college level English and math (must have completed one year of high school algebra and geometry)

Running Start 1.0

High school seniors attend SWIC full-time their senior year and simultaneously complete high school graduation requirements and the first year of an associate degree. Students are integrated into existing college classes and attend a campus full-time.

Intended for...Students who were eligible for Running Start at the end of their sophomore year but did not enroll; students who were new to the high school after Running Start was established for the academic year; students who were interested in Running Start, but did not qualify at the end of their sophomore year

Running Start 0.5

This is designed for high school seniors who are interested in enrolling for classes at SWIC during the spring semester. Students may enroll for one or all of their spring semester classes at SWIC. Students who do not attend SWIC full-time will attend the high school campus as necessary to meet high school attendance requirements. Contingent upon student schedules, they may attend SWIC at times throughout the day or the college course schedule may be confined to an afternoon or morning, with the student attending the high school during the opposite timeframe.

Intended for...Students who have nearly met all their high school graduation requirements and are interested in starting college courses

Running Start for Homeschool Students

This program allows homeschooled students who do not live in a participating high school district to participate on a case-by-case basis.  

Intended for...Academically prepared homeschool students

For more information on the Running Start program, visit swic.edu/running-start

Other High School Programs

Pathway to Associate Degree

High schools that offer AP or dual credit courses with other institutions align the courses with SWIC so students enter SWIC with as much college credit as possible. This initiative strives to provide a seamless transfer of previous academic work, based upon course alignment and transcript review, with an objective of demonstrating to students how close they are to a SWIC associate degree at the end of their senior year.

Intended for...Students who do not have much or any SWIC credit, but have earned AP credit or have earned dual credit with other institutions and are considering attending SWIC

Smart Start

This dual enrollment program allows for students age 16-18 to take a college class per semester outside of their high school load. 

Intended for...Students who are seeking enhancement opportunities

Strong Finish

This program provides high school diploma completion opportunities for students.  Opportunities may include, but are not limited to: students who need a class(es) to graduate from high school or high school dropouts who enter the college with a letter of separation from their high school. This program complements the High School Academy. 

Intended for...High school dropouts and juniors/seniors who need to complete graduation requirements

High School Completion Opportunities

High School Academy currently offers students the opportunity to make up high school credit or to work ahead in high school credit through summer SWIC courses at locations in the southern part of the college's district.

Intended for...Students who are interested in earning high school credit in the summer

Traditional Dual Credit Classes

Traditional dual credit classes are taught at the high school during the school day by the high school faculty who meet the college's minimum instructor requirements.

Intended for...Students who are enrolled in college level courses, both transfer and vocational

For more information on the dual credit program, visit swic.edu/dual-credit.

Dual Enrollment

High school students take dual enrollment courses, but the students do not receive high school credit. Typically, the courses are attended at a campus at night or in the morning at the high school (Early Bird classes) before the start of the day. A district will allow "reverse transfer" of a SWIC class in order for the high school student to graduate in a timely manner, but this is decided by the local school district.

Intended for...Students who are seeking an enrichment opportunity or an opportunity to start college classes before high school completion

In all programs, students must have the permission of the high school to enroll in a class at SWIC and must test at appropriate levels on COMPASS, the college's math and English assessment instrument.