Health Sciences & Homeland Security Division

iStan for Nursing, Paramedic and Respiratory Care Students

Nursing, Paramedic or Respiratory Care students can practice critical care skills on iStan, the most advanced wireless patient simulator on the market. iStan’s internal robotics mimic cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological systems so you can learn to treat conditions ranging from heart attacks to septic shock. Work with iStan and iBaby, an infant simulator, in labs created to replicate emergency room and ambulance scenarios.

Explore the programs using iStan technology

The programs within the Health Sciences and Homeland Security Division all lead directly to employment. There are certificates and degree options available. 

The Health Science programs available lead to careers that promote health, wellness, and aid in diagnosis as well as treatment of injuries and diseases. Some of the careers work directly with people, while others involve collecting data and information to improve health care delivery. 

The Homeland Security programs prepare students for careers that provide for the protection and safety of the public. All of the careers require work directly with people.