Staff Directory

Belleville Campus (BC)

Red Bud Campus (RB)

Sam Wolf Granite City Campus (GC)




Dean of Health Sciences & Homeland Security
Name Program Title Ext.
Muertz, Julie  HS & HS  Dean 5298 (BC)
Director of Nursing Education
Name Program Title Ext.
Eckert, Carol  Nursing Education  Director 5268 (BC)
Administrative Staff
Name Program Title Ext.
Attaway, Susan Police Academy Police Academy Assistant 5396 (BC)
Baker, Donna HS & HS

Dean's Secretary

5267 (BC)
Kaiser, Dawn HS & HS Divisional Secretary 5195 (BC)
Meier, Shannon HS & HS

Divisional Secretary

5263 (BC)
Rodgers, Candice HS & HS

Coordinator's Assistant
&Student Liaison

5355 (BC)
Health Sciences
Name Program Title Phone/Ext.
Alvarez, Elizabeth   Nursing Education  Assistant Professor 5009 (BC)
Bingheim, Jill  Nursing Education  Assistant Professor 5441 (BC)
Bivin, Tamara  Massage Therapy  Coordinator/Professor 618-239-6400
Deitz, Jean  Medical Laboratory Technology  Coordinator/Professor 5386 (BC)
 Dodd, Diane Respiratory CareCoordinator/Professor 618-234-8911, ext. 1928 
Falkenhein, Pat  Nurse Assistant  Adjunct Coordinator/
8142 (RB)
Gardner, Gary  Nursing Education  Assistant Professor 5793 (BC)
Gunning, Howard  Medical Assistant  Assistant Professor 5179 (BC) 7325 (GC)
Hairston, StaceyHealth Information Technology Assistant Professor 5580 (BC) 
Houston, Karyn  Sign Language Studies   Coordinator/Professor 877-445-4064
Keel, Kim  Nursing Education  Assistant Professor 5792 (BC)
Kern, Rhonda   Radiologic Technology  Coordinator/Professor

5303 (BC)

Kujawa, Michelle    Physical Therapist Assistant  Assistant Professor 5362 (BC)
Lehmuth, Holly             Respiratory Care   Assistant Professor     618-234-8911, ext. 1928
Martin, Lyn  Nursing Education  Assistant Professor 5196 (BC)
McBeth, Susen  Sign Language Studies   Assistant Professor 5799 (BC)
Ohl, Jane  Nursing Education  Assistant Professor 5261 (BC)
Klingler, Marijo Health Information Technology  Coordinator/Professor 5385 (BC)
Raftopoulos, Elizabeth  Nursing Education  Assistant Professor 5411 (BC)
Snyder, Kim  Physical Therapist Assistant  Coordinator/Professor 5390 (BC)
Wessel, Susan  Nursing Education  Assistant Professor 5421 (BC)
Wheeler, Larry  Radiologic Technology  Assistant Professor 5301 (BC)
White, Colleen  Nursing Education  Assistant Professor 5420 (BC)
Winfield, Cynthia  Nursing Education  Assistant Professor 5418 (BC)
Woods, Dana Medical Assistant  Coordinator/Professor  5332 (BC)
Homeland Security
Name Program Title Phone/Ext.
Muschler, Van  Administration of Justice  Coordinator/Professor 5653 (BC)
Muschler, Van  Police Academy  Director/Professor 5653 (BC)
Sax, William  Police Academy  Deputy Director/ Assistant Professor 5265 (BC)
Schmittling, Curt  EMS & Paramedic  Coordinator/Professor 5343 (BC)
Smith, Lee   Fire Science  Coordinator/Professor 618-234-5138