Kids' Club

Thank you for considering Southwestern Illinois College Kids' Club to provide care for your child. Our mission is to offer affordable and quality child care for students, faculty and staff while in class, studying or working at Southwestern Illinois College. The primary goal of Kids' Club is to provide a positive, nurturing environment for the children and their families.

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Our curriculum is a stimulating one that includes a variety of creative activities. These activities promote physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth in a safe, consistent manner that helps to build self-esteem in each child.

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In addition to being convenient for parents, our campus childcare also offers flexible scheduling to meet the parents' needs for varying times due to their class schedules. Since we do have a flexible schedule, children are arriving and leaving our center at all different times of the day. A topic covered in the handbook is "Scheduling Campus Child Care and Meeting Your Child's Developmental Needs". These guidelines will be especially helpful for parents of preschoolers for planning a schedule to accommodate parent needs and provide a quality preschool experience to meet your child's developmental needs.

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Our professional staff includes the coordinator, morning lead teacher, data technician and evening supervisor. The remainder of our staff consists of Southwestern Illinois College student workers, most of whom are pursuing degrees in childcare, education or health-related fields. We also provide the opportunity for other Southwestern Illinois College students to do class projects and practicums relating to their coursework.

This parent handbook will provide you with information about Kids' Club procedures.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. The phone number at Kids' Club is 235-2700 ext. 5KID (5543). You can also e-mail Suzette Hechst, the director of Kids' Club at We will be happy to work with you throughout your time at Southwestern Illinois College.