Kids' Club

Thank you for considering Southwestern Illinois College Kids' Club to provide care for your child. Our mission is to offer affordable and quality child care for students, faculty and staff while in class, studying or working at Southwestern Illinois College. The primary goal of Kids' Club is to provide a positive, nurturing environment for the children and their families.

Back to Top The Curriculum

Our curriculum is a stimulating one that includes a variety of creative activities. These activities promote physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth in a safe, consistent manner that helps to build self-esteem in each child.

 A comprehensive, year-round, child-care program, serving children three years through twelve years of age, Kids' Club is a community where children are nourished, parents are welcomed, and caregivers feel valued. In addition, the Center provides the opportunity for SWIC students in education and early childhood development to gain firsthand experience and for faculty members to conduct groundbreaking research.

Children learn best when they are actively involved in meaningful experiences to them. Therefore, Kids' Club follows the constructivist viewpoint and is interested in the children's development socially, physically and mentally. Children acquire knowledge as a result of interactions with their physical and social environments. The children have the opportunity to plan and select their own activities. The daily routine for the children is established with opportunities for flexibility based on the number of children in the program and the interests of the children. Teachers provide creative curriculum for children to act on objects and observe reactions, make predictions, and share their findings with peers.

The current space is arranged in interest centers. However, children are not limited to this space; access to the gym, tennis courts, library and Schmidt Art Center on the campus is also available to our children. This combination of allocated space allows all activated provided to be developmentally appropriate for the age groups and for hands-on active play and exploration. The classroom reflects best practices with areas designated for gross motor play, language and literacy development, creative and sensorial play, dramatic play, computer usage, construction and block play, and space for quiet play.

In the art area, children can demonstrate curiosity, creativity and confidence. Children are gaining control of fine motor skills by improving hand muscles, implementing and learning pre-writing skills. The block area promotes problem-solving skills as well as links to the community, services and people relevant to their lives and daily functions. The music area not only allows the children a physical outlet, but a creative one too.

Reading is essential to early childhood development. A lifetime love for reading and respect for books is encouraged in the library center. The reading center is a great opportunity for children and adults to interact daily as well. Children graph, sequence, sort and practice other important pre-math skills at the manipulative station. The science area promotes experimenting, measuring and logical thinking.

The playground is located upstairs on the main level. It consists of a climbing structure, two slides, a sandbox, a playhouse, paint easels, tricycles, wagons, basketball hoops, a garden and motorcycles. Outside the children have the opportunity to climb, ride tricycles, run, jump, throw, catch, and observe the natural environment both on the center's playgrounds and/or while exploring the campus nature walks. The outdoor activities are designed to help the children develop motor skills, learn about the environment and express themselves freely.

Download and print a PDF of the Parent Handbook. It will provide you with information about Kids' Club procedures.

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Hours of Operation

Kids' Club hours vary. Kids' Club is closed between semesters and for any holiday breaks observed by the college. 

Child Care Fee

There are three different methods for scheduling and paying for care at Kids' Club - Reserved Care, Occasional Care and Full time.

Reserved Care: $4 per hour, first child; $2.50 per hour, each additional child. Reserved Care is used when a parent needs child care on a regular basis. This option guarantees a space in the center for the child. Each family is provided a Reserved Care Payment Plan, based on the number of hours reserved. The plan outlines the weekly charge owed during the semester. Child care fees are to be paid the first day of each week the child attends. A parent may pay for additional weeks in advance, if so desired. Charges are based on half-hour increments. Each family is asked to review and approve the payment plan. Payment is made at the Belleville Campus Business Office, located in the Information Sciences Building, Room 1074. The Business Office will give a receipt to the parent and one to Kids' Club. Parents should keep their receipts for their records. A parent with questions about his or her account should contact the Kids' Club coordinator, data technician or evening supervisor to discuss the question. Failure to make payments on a timely basis will result in a possible restriction being placed on the parent's SWIC records and termination of child care services for the family.

Occasional Care: $5 per hour, first child; $3.50 per hour, each additional child. Occasional Care is best for parents who have other arrangements for child care and only need Kids' Club as a backup on "occasion" or for additional time. Charges are based on a minimum of one hour. With Occasional Care, the parent is not guaranteed space in the program. Each time a parent wishes to use this service, he or she MUST call 618-235-2700, ext. 5KID (ext. 5543), to see if space is available. Payment is to be made at the time care is given. Families wishing to register for Occasional Care must complete enrollment forms each semester. There is a $20 registration fee for this service. 

Full Time: $125 for the first child per week. Each additional child will be $100 per week.

Payment Option

​1. CHASI is accepted. Applications and forms are available upon request, or visit Download the online application.

2. Child care fees may be paid through the Pell Grant.

3. For WIA (Workforce Investment Act) support, visit the Selsius office in ISB Room 2060.

Back to Top Flexible Scheduling

In addition to being convenient for parents, our campus childcare also offers flexible scheduling to meet the parents' needs for varying times due to their class schedules. Since we do have a flexible schedule, children are arriving and leaving our center at all different times of the day. A topic covered in the handbook is "Scheduling Campus Child Care and Meeting Your Child's Developmental Needs". These guidelines will be especially helpful for parents of preschoolers for planning a schedule to accommodate parent needs and provide a quality preschool experience to meet your child's developmental needs.

Back to Top Our Staff

Our professional staff includes the coordinator, morning lead teacher, data technician and evening supervisor. The remainder of our staff consists of Southwestern Illinois College student workers, most of whom are pursuing degrees in childcare, education or health-related fields. We also provide the opportunity for other Southwestern Illinois College students to do class projects and practicums relating to their coursework.

Back to Top Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. The phone number at Kids' Club is 235-2700 ext. 5KID (5543). You can also e-mail Suzette Hechst, the director of Kids' Club at We will be happy to work with you throughout your time at Southwestern Illinois College.