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oakley sunglasses outlet sale Previously, because of the name change event - he will be Saint Laurent with more than 50 years of the name Yves Saint Laurent, remove the 'Yves', changed to Saint Laurent Paris - and cause dissatisfaction with the industry, Eddie Even satirical brand image Of what Yves company to court. On this matter, we have another report. But allegedly renamed Eddie is also the brand high-set business return to do the preparation. Sure enough, Yves Saint Laurent 's return to high Set in the press release said: Yves Saint Laurent custom will be accompanied by 'Yves Saint Laurent' label. In addition, the return of high-set news - Yves Saint Laurent released a series of black and white advertising photos, shot in the press release said. Renovated, located in Paris on the left bank rue de l 'Universite Street 24, a 17th century historical building, And this building in Eddie took office did not take long to start the decoration on the return of advanced customization, Saint Laurent insiders, has Not yet participated in the next discount oakley sunglasses

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oakley outlet will be black as the main theme, and were light green, light brown and orange 'SPLY 350' stripes embellishment. Current adidas Originals official has not confirmed the news. - END - Long press the 2D code plus focus and sticky More real-time fashion news and contributions can add private Yves Saint Laurent finally left the name of their most important guests. January 22, 2002 8:36 pm, at the Pompidou Center for the Arts, Yves Saint Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent) held its last high-level custom show, refining the designer 40 years of glory. At the time style commented: 'The future, the fashion will continue, but we will miss Miss Yves Saint Laurent.' Today, Yves Saint Laurent 's custom design director Eddie Si Liman (Hedi Slimane ) Once again opened. Yves Saint Laurent on the status of the fashion industry, this is not a trivial matter. However, the return of advanced customization is not easy, since Eddie in 2012 after assuming the post of design director, began to brew advanced Customization business recovery oakley sunglasses outlet store

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cheap oakley sunglasses outlet model The application Based on the analysis of ZARA model in Europe, I made a brief analysis of the following: First, ZARA 's main business and supporting work system: their own can not subvert Inditex Group (INdustrias de DIse.o TEXtil, SA, INDITEX), is the Spanish ranked No. One of the world 's four major fashion chain, (the other three for the US casual fashion giant GAP, the Swedish fashion giant H is Inditex 'S most successful clothing brand (the other a few: Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti, ZARA is considered to be one of the most valuable research brands in Europe.By analyzing the operation and design of ZARA' s strategic business and its profit model , ZARA has not left the market since its inception. Its own work, namely: 'around the marketing, practical work -' physical product design and production '. ZARA all other business and functional activities of the system and process are auxiliary, is Around their own work including: information marketing and customer management systems, fast global logistics oakley sunglasses factory outlet