Online Writing Lab

Accessing Your Account

Currently enrolled students may access the OWL by logging in to eSTORM. Once logged in, click Success Center OWL from the left-side navigation bar.

What Is the OWL?

SWIC Online Writing Lab

The OWL is the Online Writing Lab.

The Success Center Online Writing Lab provides access to writing tutors for Southwestern Illinois College students who have difficulty coming to a Success Center during normal operating hours. The OWL also offers a convenient alternative to on-site tutoring or students who are taking online classes for classes via extension centers.

If you have questions or do not receive a response, please email, dean of Success Programs.

How It Works:

  • Tutors offer students feedback based on their questions and assignment details.
  • Comments are posted in papers and available for students to print.
  • Responses are returned to students via eSTORM, usually within two school days.
  • During peak times (midterms or end of the semester), response times may be longer.
  • Tutors do not respond to papers on weekends or during college breaks.

General Guidelines:

  • Please submit essays, not short homework assignments.
  • Papers must be five pages or less (based on a standard double-spaced format).
  • Longer papers and complex research papers should be brought in to a Success Center.
  • The OWL does not retain a paper’s formatting, so tutors can’t evaluate those items.
  • Tutors can’t address specific questions about citations or reference page formatting.
  • Students can submit the same paper up to three times if it is revised significantly.