Paramedic Training Program

Prepare for a Career as a Paramedic

SWIC has the first nationally accredited paramedic training program in southern Illinois. Of all emergency responders, certified paramedics provide the highest level of emergency treatment to people who are sick or injured. Patients' lives often depend on the paramedic's quick and skilled actions.

Be Career Ready in Two Years or Less

The SWIC Paramedic training program requires Illinois EMT licensure and CPR certification to get started. A two-year Associate in Applied Science degree and a 15-month Paramedic Certificate are offered.

    Application Period

    The Paramedic program has prerequisite courses you must include on the program application. Applications for fall are March 1-June 1. Applications for spring are Aug. 1-Nov. 1. 

    Paramedic Career Outlook

    The U.S. Department of Labor predicts paramedic job opportunities will grow 24 percent by 2024. According to the Journal of Emergency Medical Services Salary & Workplace Survey, the average salary is $36,000.

    Paramedic Employment Opportunities

    • Fire Departments
    • Hospitals
    • Private Ambulance Services
    • Police Departments
    • Helicopter Flight Crews
    • Security Agencies

    Licensure Requirements

    After you graduate from the SWIC Paramedic program, you will be awarded the Paramedic Certificate and are qualified to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians or State EMT-Paramedic examination for licensure.

    Specific Training

    • Patient assessment
    • Administering medications
    • Advanced life support measures
    • Electrical interventions to support cardiac functions
    • Advanced airway management techniques

    Core Courses for the Paramedic Program

    • EMS 205 Paramedicine I
    • EMS 206 Paramedicine II
    • EMS 207 Paramedicine III
    • EMS 208 Paramedicine IV
    • EMS 210 Paramedic Clinical Practice I
    • EMS 211 Paramedic Clinical Practice II
    • EMS 220 Paramedic Field Internship I
    • EMS 221 Paramedic Field Internship II
    • EMS 222 Paramedic Field Internship III
    • EMS 223 Paramedic Field Internship IV
    • FS 160 Technical Rescue Awareness

    Get Your Planning Guide and More Program Information

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