Action Project #5

Back to Top Improve Developmental Learning Opportunities

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AQIP Criterion to which this primarily relates: Helping Students Learn
Subsidiary AQIP Criteria: Understanding Students' and Other Stakeholders' Needs and Measuring Effectiveness  

Back to Top What is the business case of this project?

Increasing the success rate of developmental students leads to improvement in retention. The net result should be an increase in cost effectiveness and better execution of the college's mission

Back to Top What is the preliminary analysis of the problem; what is the opportunity?

Overall, based on 2005 institutional data, only 51 percent of SWIC students enrolled in developmental courses pass. By improving student success in developmental courses, those students will have an equal chance of completing a degree or transferring as their peers who began with college-level courses.

Back to Top Briefly describe the scope of the project as well as the assumptions and restraints that are made. Do not proffer opinions on accountability or on the exact course of action that is needed.

This project includes research into current developmental learning results as well as best practices in the field. Other activities may include (but are not limited to): targeted faculty development programs, collaborative activities between instruction and support services, learning communities, structured learning assistance, and bridge programs.

The institution assumes that its Title III grant application will be funded. Lack of funding would be a restraint but the project would go forward with existing institutional funds to the extent possible.

Back to Top Which constituencies or stakeholders ought to serve on this Action Project team; which positions ought to be included in the team's membership?

Staff and faculty members from Instruction as well as key members of the Student Development division will serve on this team. Student feedback may be solicited through focus groups, surveys and individual interviews. Specific positions that should be included are: VP Instruction, VP of Student Development, Director of Success Programs, Faculty Development Coordinator, Outcomes Assessment Coordinator, Dean representatives, Institutional Research Specialist and Faculty.

Back to Top What guidelines should the team recognize as it responds to this Action project?

  • The Action Project (AP) team should communicate routinely with the Retention AP Committee to prevent duplication of effort.
  • Action Project recommendations are subject to approval by the SPC and are subsequently reviewed with the Board of Trustees.
  • The AP team will review the Title III grant proposal to determine which components can be implemented without Title III funding. This acknowledges the fact that the grant application may not be approved.
  • The AP team will adhere to the timelines for the project.

Back to Top What are the elements, milestones, and deliverables, that are envisioned for the project-and when should the team achieve these?

  • Design and develop activities to improve pass rates in reading, writing and math developmental courses by May 2007.
  • During Fall 2007 pilot strategies such as Structured Learning Assistance, Electronic Learning Portfolios and Learning Communities in reading, writing and math developmental courses.
  • By June 2008, the percentage of students in pilots of developmental reading, writing and math who successfully complete a course will increase from baseline 2004-2005 of 56 percent to 61 percent.
  • By August 2008, 85 percent of faculty participating in developmental training will demonstrate increased knowledge and application of active learning, and diverse learning styles.
  • By December 2008, have a process in place to measure developmental students' success in college level classes.

Back to Top Who are the most important stakeholders for this project?

Developmental students, developmental faculty, student services staff who work with developmental students, local employers.

Back to Top Who is (are) the Action Project Sponsor(s) for this project? How has support from the sponsor(s) been confirmed?

  • VP - Instruction
  • VP - Student Development

The roles of the vice presidents were reviewed and agreed to by the president's staff.

Back to Top Who are the AQIP Champions assigned to this project?

Julie Muertz, Sue Taylor, Joyce Ray, Debbie Alford, Amanda Starkey, Melissa Rossi

Back to Top Who will prepare a process map (if appropriate) of the areas in which measurement will be focused?

H.O. Brownback