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Benjamin Stern's River (detail).

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2012 SWIC Faculty Show

November 1 - December 15

Featuring the works of the art department faculty:

Don Bevirt

Paula McAteer

Andy Brandmeyer

Brad Eilering

Nancy Friederich

Shawn Niebruegge

Denise Schilling

Cory Sellers

Dale Threlkeld

Dave Woesthaus

Spyros Karayiannis

Guy Weible

Kristina Cipolla

Doug Eskra

Todd May

Becky Peterson

Dawn Schuck

Wayne Shaw

Cheryl Wimmer

Proctor Puppets: Showcasing Amusement

November 1 - December 14

Selections from the Proctor Puppet Collection from the University Museum at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. This exhibition was created by students in the SIUE Museum Studies Program.

Khara Koffel: every after has a before / Michael Schoenewies & Peat "Eyez" Wollaeger: Dreams of the Tire Factory / Neil Jussila: Musings on a Pictograph Site in South Central Montana

September 6 - October 12, 2012

Khara Koffel's conceptual work is a process of recollection in which she creates objects that retain familiar images that not only relate to her own life, but to those of the viewer.

Her sculptures are visual stimuli that reflect personal stories, ideas and memories; yet, they are vague enough to apply to a more collective past.

Neil Jussila's artwork suggests that of landscape paintings, formed by composing color, edge and line until, he states, "There is a very special presence that is spiritually resonating." From creation to exhibition, his paintings are a meditation on the delight in being, which comes from Neil's own near-death experience.

Michael Schoenewies' photographs document the fundraising event held at the Old Tire Factory in St. Louis before its demolition for a planned expansion of the City Academy. This event featured the artwork of St. Louis artist Peat "Eyez" Wollaeger.


The Thursday Night Drawing Group / Jill Rumoshosky Werner

July 27 - August 17, 2012

The Thursday Night Drawing Group comprises a group of artists who meet weekly to pursue the art of drawing the human figure. In this group setting, these artists have found a nurturing environment of camaraderie and collaboration open to experiment and exploration.  

Jill Rumoshosky Werner uses quilted elements to create three-dimensional "visual dictionaries" in which she defines words and concepts with imagery rather than words. She uses the quilts as raw materials, as opposed to simply surfaces to decorate, in order to manipulate lines, forms, and planes, which help convey political or social connotations, industrial connections, or a purer reference to the physical world.

Life Experienced: A Senior Art Competition

June 28 - July 1, 2012

A special, juried exhibition of artwork created by artists aged 60 and over.

Sponsored by the St. Clair Office on Aging and Southwestern Illinois College Services Division. Supported by Belleville Art on the Square.

Figure It Out

May 18 - June 22, 2012

Contemporary history paintings by Robert McCann and Jesse Thomas share the galleries with Connie Caveglia Mielke's figurative sculpture and photographs by Erin Rivers.

Jesse Thomas
Jesse’s paintings explore the arc of western pictorial form and thought. His domestic interior narratives, populated with “uniformed conspirators”, balance carefully rendered passages with direct paint applications to create tension between surface quality and illusionistic depth.

Robert McCann
TV shows, cartoon characters, and folkloric monsters are comic-tragic back stories Robert McCann uses to function as an implicit critique on our fragmenting language in the information age. These at once allegorical and absurd imageries convey recurring themes of the tipping point between action and violence.

Connie Caveglia Mielke
Connie’s figurative sculptures integrate the architecture of the human shape with the influences on that form by the concepts and ideas that inspire, connect, and reveal the internal workings of the human mind. She uses glazes and stains sparingly to highlight the natural beauty of the clay.

Erin Rivers
Using a Hasselblad camera given to Erin by her late father, Erin’s photo journal explores the experiences her father had while on a road trip through Indiana. 

Annual SWIC Student Show

April 19 - May 3, 2012

Annual exhibition of artwork by Southwestern Illinois College art students.

Annual High School Student Show

March 22 - April 5, 2012

Participating high schools include:

Belleville Township High School West
Belleville Township High School East
Althoff Catholic High School
Freeburg Community High School
Mascoutah High School
Triad High School
Columbia High School
Lebanon High School
Gibault Catholic High School
Highland High School
O’Fallon Township High School
Dupo High School
New Athens High School
Collinsville High School
Marissa High School
Highland High School
Curtis Miller Alternative
Carbondale Community High School
Marion High School
Civic Memorial
Mississippi Valley Christian Academy
Cobden High School

Brigham Dimick & Benjamin Stern: Domestic Musings from Above / Roberta Elliott: Welcome to My World / Benji Rowan: Paper Mosaics


January 19 - February 24, 2012

In Domestic Musings from Above, painter Brigham Dimick and photographer Benjamin Stern portray landscapes from a bird’s eye view to reflect on family and memory.

Echoing her organic farming background, recycled, forged metals become botanical shapes and wall collages in the hands of blacksmith Roberta Elliott.

On exhibit in the Schmidt/Cox Galleries, St. Louis artist Benji Rowan “paints” with tiny pieces of pasted paper.