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Alison Ouellette-Kirby's "Longest Way Round, Shortest Way Home" (detail)
Alison Ouellette-Kirby's "Longest Way Round, Shortest Way Home" (detail)

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Belleville Bicentennial Exhibition: 200

July 3 - Aug. 14, 2014

An exhibition of items on loan from Belleville area residents and organizations that tell the story of Belleville's 200 years.

Presented by the Belleville Bicentennial History and Archives Committee, including the William and Florence Schmidt Art Center, St. Clair County Historical Society, the Labor and Industry Museum, Belleville Historical Society, Gustave Koerner House Committee and St. Clair County Genealogical Society.

Andrea Hoelscher: Photographs

July 3 - Aug. 14, 2014

Photographs of arranged fruits and vegetables that suggest symbolism, beauty, and character.

Closing reception held on August 14, from 6 - 8 p.m.

SWIC Student Art Show

April 17 - May 15, 2014

Our annual exhibition of artwork by Southwestern Illinois College art students.

Award Winners

Art Book Awards

Kailey Kirkley Heavy Burdens 
Monica Pollard Joo-bee Man
Chryslina Schlichter Red Vase 
Sabrina Stinson Bike Trip

Krueger Pottery Award

Bree Piper Red Earth

The Award

Ashley Sobczak Groceries

Gateway East Artist Guild Award

Roberta Howard Sesquicentennial Crossings 
Emalee Shubert Lions, and Tigers, and Pears! Oh My!

SWIC Adjunct Faculty Union Award

Chance Green 100

SWIC Art Club Award

Zachary Carril Withheld 
James Cole Soft Box 
Deborah Voudrie Enlightened Portal 
Samantha Kalika Growth

Visual Arts Committee Awards

Nate Chilton Tunnel 
Mary Rhein Crawling Shino Mugs 
Tyler Robinson 1920s Skyline

Midwest Salute to the Arts Festival Committee

Betty Horschler Synapse  
Don Fizer Carved Vase

Artisan Guild of Southern Illinois

Kevin Feuerhelm Blue 
Nathan Lowe Organism

Maetta and Sam Gray Award

Lorraine Cange Stacks

Kiwanis Club Award

Rachel Lauko Transparency 
Jacquelyn Crockett Wearable Art

Doug and Darlene Eskra Arete Purchase Award

Marilyn Perez M the Madd Hatter

Kellerman Memorial Award

 Karley Mills Colors

The Dean's Award

 Cheyne Carroll Endless Possibilities

Presidential Purchase Award

Nathan Lowe Organism 
Roberta Howard Sesquicentennial Crossings 
Marsha Mousette Artisan

High School Student Art Show

March 20 - April 3, 2014

 More than 170 works of art by area high school students and Congressman William Enyart's Congressional Competition.

Opening reception is March 20, 6-8 p.m., with an award ceremony at 7 p.m.

Participating Schools

Althoff Catholic
Belleville Township HS East
Belleville Township HS West
East St. Louis
Gibault Catholic

O'Fallon Township

Alison Ouellette-Kirby: Home from Work to Find Your Spaniel Turned Into a Wolf

Jan. 16 - Feb. 27, 2014

Sculptures of Monopoly houses that challenge what constitutes a home.


The form maintained by this particular body of work is that of a Monopoly house. My selection of the Monopoly house developed from a growing fascination or perhaps better stated, obsession I have with the Monopoly house. This obsession came as a surprise to me, since it is one of the most recognizable symbols from a game I hated as a child. The premise of the game presents robber-baron style capitalism as something light and fun. I never found it fun. Playing the game with my family presented frustrations, such as trying to cope with the cheating and "fast talk" of my older siblings. Today it challenges my views of what constitutes a home, not just for me, but locally and globally; prefab or custom built; a household for a family; and business with banks, brokers and lenders.

This idea that there is a definable notion of "home" gains importance for me with each passing year, yet its definition still feels foreign and unattainable. I was not born here, but nor was I born in a place that is much different than here. I am different, but not noticeably different. I belong, but I don't. The answers are all thinly veiled, but veiled all the same. 

Wrapped up in this notion of "home" is my quest to define "home" for myself. The recent political and socioeconomic climate has seen the country thrust into a home mortgage crisis, which followed the housing bubble and is continuing toward a projected "Green" housing boom. Within all of this, where does one find one's own home?

Ken Konchel: Architecture: Out of Context

Jan. 16 - Feb. 27, 2014

Photographs that raise awareness of architecture as fine art.


Architecture forms the physical environment of our lives. It connects us to the past, it helps define our relationships to one another, and it gives us a sense of place and identity. Architecture also embodies our values and expresses our individual and collective aspirations. Most importantly, architecture enhances and advances our creative legacy. Yet something so integral to the sense of who we are - something that contributes immeasurably to our quality of life - is often dismissed as mundane, taken for granted, or at worst ignored. My ambition is to raise awareness of and appreciation for architecture by presenting it as engaging and dynamic geometric arrangements and interactions. More concisely expressed, I use photography to substantiate the connection between art and architecture.

My aim is to photograph buildings in arresting ways, creating compositions that do not immediately reveal themselves as architecture. Buildings present rich opportunities for me to imaginatively explore the angle, cube, curve, triangle and rectangle. By examining these forms individually or by grouping them into unconventional configurations, I aspire to challenge and captivate people by introducing them to architecture's intriguing visual possibilities. I strive to take photographs that disclose their content in layers of meaning that more richly reward with repeated viewings. I also hope to convey the value of patience and observation, and the power of making careful choices.