Music Scholarship Application 2016-2017

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What to expect at your scholarship audition:

All applicants will perform a solo for the scholarship committee. Your selection should showcase your musical skills, and should have piano accompaniment. If you do not have an accompanist, one will be provided, and you should send your piano music to SWIC at least one week prior to the audition.

If you are a new SWIC student, and have not taken MUS 104, please plan on spending 30-45 minutes immediately before or after your audition to take our music theory placement test. A sufficiently high score on the test will allow you to take MUS 105 in the fall. Otherwise, you need to plan on taking MUS 104 in the summer.

All students wishing to receive a music scholarship should also apply for a scholarship with the SWIC Foundation. That can be done through eSTORM.