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OSHA Training

OSHA Training

Selsius™ has been providing safety training for more than 20 years. We offer training in two formats:

  • Contract courses just for your company’s employees
  • Open-enrollment courses for anyone

Contract OSHA Training

Contract training is private training for only your employees at a location you choose. The training can be standard, or we can customize it to fit employees’ particular needs. 

We offer training on many topics. The most popular courses are listed below.

For more information on our contract OSHA courses, please call 618-222-5202.   

Blood borne Pathogens – Training on the hazards of blood borne diseases in the workplace and the required protection as required by 29 CFR 1910.1030. (24 hrs)

Confined Space Entry – Training on OSHA regulations governing entry into confined spaces, includes entry, monitoring and rescue. (16 hrs)

Facility Inspection/Recordkeeping - Covers the OSHA and EPA use in the inspection of industrial/commercial facilities, including the opportunity to prepare a facility for an OSHA or EPA inspection.  (32 hrs)

First Aid/CPR - Training and certification in emergency first aid and CPR procedures.  Trainees receive an American Red Cross certification card upon completion. (16 hrs)

Forklift Truck Safety - Safety training in the operation of a forklift truck and OSHA regulations as required by CFR 1910.178 and CFR 1910.179.  (8 hrs) 

Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) – Training on OSHA and EPA hazardous materials regulations for handling, storage and compliance, including the procedures OSHA and EPA use to regulate industries. (24 hrs)

Hazardous Materials Handling (HAZMAT) – Training in hazardous spill cleanup, including 8 hours of classroom training and 16 hours of simulation of a spill cleanup and disposal in Class A suits. (24 hrs)

Hazardous Waste Operations (HAZWOPER) - Training in the collection and disposal of hazardous wastes using a Class A suit with oxygen tanks. Medical clearance is required to wear this suit on the job. An OSHA 30 hour Certification card is issued upon course completion. (40 hrs)

Hazardous Waste Operations Refresher – 4 Hr - A refresher for those who have completed a 40 hour HAZWOPER course. (4 hrs)

Hazardous Waste Operations Refresher – 8 Hr - A refresher for those who have completed a 40 hour HAZWOPER course. (8 hrs)

Lockout/Tagout – Training on OSHA regulations mandating isolation of industrial equipment from hazardous energy sources for the purpose of adjusting, operating, and/or maintaining industrial equipment. (8 hrs)

OSHA 10 Hour Outreach – Covers basic safety requirements associated with hazard communication, personal protective equipment (PPE), fire extinguishers, confined space and working hazards. Trainees receive an OSHA 10 hour certification card upon completion. (10 hrs)

OSHA 30 hour Outreach – Covers the entire spectrum of OSHA compliance areas such as lockout/tagout, OSHA awareness, personal protective equipment (PPE) and fit testing, medical surveillance, fire protection, HAZCOM and working hazards. Trainees receive an OSHA 30 hour certification card upon completion. (30 hrs)

OSHA Awareness – Training on the industries’ regulatory agencies, such as OSHA, EPA, and DOT. (8 hrs)

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) - Training for all types of personal protection worn by the industrial worker and instructional training for the industrial safety technician. (8 hrs)


OSHA Collage Small 


Open Enrollment OSHA Training

Our open enrollment courses are ideal for small companies and organizations that need to train only a few employees or for employees who missed contract training sessions. Courses are periodically available at the Southwestern Illinois College Belleville Campus.

Check our schedule of OSHA courses. If you do not see what you need, please contact us.