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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Selsius?

Selsius™ Corporate and Career Training is the business and industry training center for Southwestern Illinois College. Our mission is to help organizations improve profitability and protect their workforce investment by developing their most important resource-their employees - through training, consulting and other services.

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How long has Selsius™ been in business?

Since 1987. The original business and industry training center of Southwestern Illinois College was established 26 years ago and was known as the Business Assistance Center at Belleville Area College.. It was later renamed the Center for Training Innovations (CTI).  In 2007, the center was renamed Selsius™ Corporate & Career Training.

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What is the relationship between Selsius™ and Southwestern Illinois College?

Selsius™ is a division within the SWIC Instruction Department. Selsius™ provides training and assistance for businesses and industries located in community college district 522. Selsius™ coordinates resources with other SWIC divisions when appropriate to bring the best possible solutions to our clients.

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Where is Selsius™ located?

Selsius™ is located on the SWIC Belleville Campus in the Information Sciences Building. Our address is Room 2060, Information Sciences Building, 2500 Carlyle Avenue, Belleville, IL 62221.

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Where are your training facilities located?

We have training facilities in Belleville and Granite City. Our training rooms and computer labs are located in the Information Sciences Building on the SWIC Belleville campus. Most industrial training is done at the Industrial Technology Center, located on the SWIC Sam Wolf Granite City Campus.

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Can you train my employees at my company location?

Yes. Selsius™ can provide training at the SWIC Belleville Campus or at a location of your choice- either at your facilities or at a third-party facility, e.g., a restaurant or hotel. Selsius™ has state of the art mobile laptop labs, audio/visual and instruction equipment. We do all the set up and tear down, so you get a worry-free experience.

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What are the Selsius™ office hours?

Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Friday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Where do I park?

Selsius™ provides premium, reserved parking spaces for our clients at the Belleville Campus.
A map to campus and a temporary permit for the reserved parking will be mailed to you with a confirmation letter for open enrollment courses.
For contract classes, this information is provided to the organization's point of contact via email for distribution to the trainees.

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What does it cost to park at SWIC?

Parking is free.

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Can I take public transportation to Selsius™ classes at the SWIC Belleville Campus?

Yes. You can ride Metrolink to the Belleville campus,  exit at College Station and walk a short distance to the Information Sciences Building.

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How do I contact someone at Selsius™?

Please call 618-222-5202 and your call will be routed appropriately. You may also call toll free in Illinois: 866-942-7942 and ask for Selsius™. Or email us at selsius@swic.edu. Contact us via direct mail at Selsius™ Corporate & Career Training, 2500 Carlyle Avenue, Belleville, IL 62221.

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How do I get on the Selsius™ mailing list?

Call 618-222-5688 and ask to be placed on the mailing list. Or you may complete the form on the Contact Us page.

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How do I get on the Selsius™ email list?

Call 618-222-5688 and ask to be placed on the mailing list. Or you may complete the form on the Contact Us page.

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How can I register for classes?

Call 618-222-5688 or register online from our website.

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How do I register for classes online?

Click the Register link at the bottom of a course description on our website and follow the prompts.

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Can I register online and pay later?

Individuals must pay with a credit or debit card at the time of registration. Companies or organizations that have set up an account with Selsius™ may request invoicing when registering their employees online.

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What forms of payment are accepted if I register online?

You can pay with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit or debit card.

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Is there an additional charge for registering online?

Yes. A $1 convenience fee is charged by Illinois E-Pay, our credit card processor.

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What do I do if I experience difficulty registering my online?

Please call 618-222-5688 for assistance if you experience difficulty registering online.

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Can I get a refund if I have to cancel or reschedule my class?

A full refund will be given when a registrant cancels more than five business days prior to the start of the class.  Cancellations received within five business days of the start of the class and no-shows will be billed in full.  Someone may take your seat in the class if you are unable to attend and are past the cancellation date. There is no charge for a participant substitution.

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Who do I contact to cancel or reschedule?

Please call 618-222-5688 or 618-222-5202 to cancel or reschedule a class.

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What happens if there is bad weather on the day of my class?

If SWIC is closed due to inclement weather or for any other reason, all Selsius™ on-campus classes are cancelled for that day. We will attempt to contact trainees if at all possible. However, during inclement weather, check local news stations, the SWIC website at www.swic.edu or call the college switchboard at 618-235-2700 for information regarding campus closing. In an inclement weather situation, we will try to reschedule your class as soon as possible. If the new date does not work for you, your registration fee will be refunded.

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What types of training can Selsius™ provide?

Computer & Software, Business Skills, Online Training, Industrial Skills, OSHA, Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Manufacturing skills and more. Please visit our Training & Development page for more information.

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What’s the difference between open enrollment and contract training?

Selsius™ schedules open enrollment training for the public throughout the year. Anyone can register and attend. Selsius™ can also provide contract training just for your employees at a location of your choice. Training can be standard or customized for your employees' needs.

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What is blended training?

Training that is delivered through multiple training techniques, most frequently through online training, followed by instructor-led training to practice and reinforce skills learned in the online portion of the course.

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I have several employees to train but the date of your class doesn't work for us. Can you accommodate our needs?

Depending on the number of employees you want to train, a contract course just for your employees may be more economical than an open-enrollment solution. Or, if you have at least four individuals to train, Selsius™ may be able to add a course to our public schedule that would work for your employees. There is an upcharge in the open enrollment fee for this solution. Please call 618-222-5202 to discuss your needs.

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I found a class that sounds about right, but not exactly what I need. Can I get a course customized just for my employees?

Yes. We frequently customize courses to meet the exact needs of our clients. Please call 618-222-5202 to discuss your needs.

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Who do I talk to about a class just for my employees?

Please call 618-222-5202 to discuss your needs.

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What if I need a class that is not on your current schedule?

Please call 618-222-5688 and let us know what you need. Or complete a Contact Us form to do the same. We will gladly add a class to our schedule, if possible, or discuss other training options to find a timely solution that meets your needs.

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How do I print a hard copy of the training schedule?

Visit our website and click Courses in the top navigation bar. Then choose either All by Date or All by Name at the bottom of the Seminars page. This will generate a PDF list of currently scheduled courses that you can print. Or you can call 618-222-5688 and request a copy of the current quarterly schedule. If you would like to receive this schedule regularly, please ask to be placed on our email and direct mail lists. You can also subscribe to our email or direct mail promotion lists through our Contact Us page. We send emails and direct mail monthly to let you know what is on our open enrollment schedule.

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How do I find out what training is being offered this month?

Visit our website and click Courses in the top navigation bar. Then choose All by Date at the bottom of the resulting page for a list of the currently scheduled courses in date order. You  can also submit our Contact Us form and request to be put on our mailing lists, either email, mail or both. We send emails and direct mail monthly to let you know what is on our open enrollment schedule.

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Does Selsius™ ever have special deals or promotions on its training?

Yes. Selsius™ offers special pricing and promotions periodically.  Join our email list or "like us" on Facebook to find out about the offers.

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What are FAST courses?

FAST courses are blended computer and software courses. Designed for the trainee who's pressed for time, FAST courses blend online and instructor-led training. These courses require online pre-work resulting in less time spent in the classroom, and less time away from the office, while still getting the benefit of face-time with an instructor to work through the more complex aspects of the course.

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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is the combination of two process improvement methodologies: Lean and Six Sigma. Lean, known best from its use at Toyota, is the reduction of waste in any process in order to maximize profit and reduce costs.  Six Sigma, brought to the forefront by General Electric, is used to find and eliminate process variation. Lean is such a good fit with Six Sigma that it is now taught through the various levels of Six Sigma certification, including Green Belt and Black Belt. Lean Six Sigma is the approach used by Selsius™ trainers and consultants when assisting our clients with continuous improvement work. For more information, please visit our Lean Six Sigma page.

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Will I use a computer during my computer training?

Yes. All Selsius™ technology courses are hands on using a computer to make sure you practice the skills you are learning so they are immediately applicable back on the job.

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Do I have to take a test at the end of the class?

Most classes do not include tests or homework. Occasionally, we offer a certification, credit or custom course that might require a test at the end of the class.

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Do your courses come with a book, or do I have to purchase one myself?

Training manuals are provided as part of our courses at no additional charge. The training manuals are yours to keep at the end of the training and are designed to be used back on the job.

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What do I need to bring to class?

All materials are furnished for you. For some courses, you will be asked to complete online pre-work prior to the class. Results of that pre-work will be furnished to you in class.

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Is there a lunch break for day long classes?

Yes, for classes that span the normal lunch hour, a lunch break is given.

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Is lunch provided for day long classes?

Generally not. For a few select courses, lunch is provided. That would be indicated in the course description. However for the majority of our courses, lunch is not provided. You will find numerous dining options near the Belleville campus, including but not limited to a Starbucks on campus and the college cafeteria. Or, you may bring your lunch and eat at various locations on campus.

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What if I don’t “get it” when I take your instructor led training class?

Our hands-on approach and expert trainers provide guaranteed instruction in our open enrollment courses. If you are not satisfied with your training experience, you may repeat your instructor-led course within six months at no additional charge.

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What courses do you offer online?

Online training is available for business skills and computer & software. We also offer courses through several nationally known online partners. Those include UGotClass from LERN and career training and skills training from ed2go. Please visit our Online Training page for more details.

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Does your online Office training require me to have the Microsoft Office suite installed on my computer?

No. The online tutorials are interactive simulations and do not require MS Office to be loaded on your computer.

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Can I get continuing education credits for Selsius™ training?

You can receive certain types of CEUs for some courses. Selsius™ offers continuing education opportunities for accountants, counselors, HR professionals and teachers. Through our partnership with the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Selsius™ also offers CLEs for attorneys. For more information about CEUs, please see the Continuing Education Units section of our Services for Individuals page.

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Can my employees receive college credit for Selsius™ training?

Some courses are eligible for college credit. Please call 618-222-5202 for more information.

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What is the ITC?

The Industrial Technology Center (ITC) is the facility at the SWIC Sam Wolf Granite City Campus where we offer a variety of training in industrial skills. The ITC is a 28,000 square foot facility that houses 20 hands-on labs, state of the art smart classrooms, video conferencing, online course capabilities and award-winning instructors who are experts in their fields. Find out more on our Industrial Skills page.

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What is IMEC?

IMEC is the Illinois Manufacturing Extension Center, a non-profit economic development training and services organization that helps improve the productivity and competitiveness of Illinois manufacturing companies. Realizing that the manufacturing sector is a critical component of Illinois' economic base, Selsius™ has joined forces with IMEC to help Illinois manufacturers improve performance and remain globally competitive. For more information about the Selsius™/IMEC partnership, visit our IMEC page.

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What is IGEN?

IGEN is the Illinois Green Economy Network, a consortium of Illinois community colleges. IGEN creates collaborative partnerships among higher education institutions, businesses and community organizations to establish and share sustainable best practices, promote energy efficiency and clean energy, and drive growth in the green economy. Selsius™ partners with IGEN and the SWIC Sustainability Center to present free "green" courses at our SWIC campuses for local businesses.

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Does Selsius™ have a Facebook page?

Yes. Please visit and like our page now.

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Can I rent a computer lab or conference room from Selsius™?

Yes. The SWIC Belleville campus offers a convenient location for training or meetings. Computer labs and conference training rooms are available for full-day, half-day or hourly rental.

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What does it cost to rent a computer lab or conference room?

Computer lab: $500 for a full-day, $250 for half a day or $65/hour. 
Conference room: $270 for a full-day, $135 for half a day or $35/hour.

Please call 618-222-5202 for information or to schedule a tour of our facilities.

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