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Leadership Certificate Series

Steer your organization to success

Do your leaders have the skills they need to get where you want to go? They will after completing our Leadership Certificate Series.

The series consists of 15 courses. Participants must complete a minimum of 46 hours, combining four required courses with seven of 11 optional courses, to earn the Leadership Certificate. Classes may also be taken individually.

We recommend you begin the series with DiSC: Discovering your Leadership Style and Communicating for Leadership Success

Give your leaders the skills to steer your organization to success - register for classes by choosing the course titles below. If you have questions, call 618-222-5688 or contact us.


Find out more about the DDI Global Leadership Forecast 2014-2015.


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Get on the path to becoming an extraordinary leader.   

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Are You Ready to Take Your Team to the Next Level?

Not all managers are leaders and not all leaders are managers. Extraordinary leaders inspire and empower people to see the vision and reach beyond. 

In this series, leaders will learn to:

  • Communicate effectively based on the needs of the recipient
  • Recognize and model the traits of genuine leadership
  • Coach others to build confidence and motivation
  • Gain control over email and increase their overall written communication efficiency
  • Provide constructive feedback to promote problem solving and learning
  • Motivate, delegate and resolve conflict using DiSC insights
  • Identify and develop the critical characteristics of extraordinary leadership
  • Improve productivity and increase efficiency
  • Develop the planning, interpersonal and follow-up skills of a skilled delegator
  • Address strong emotions of themselves and others in the workplace
  • Give recognition that enforces positive behaviors and encourages people to repeat the behaviors that lead to positive results
  • Lead change successfully at any level
  • Facilitate meetings that are quick, efficient and productive
  • Recognize previously unidentified opportunities to use the power of Excel to work smarter and accomplish more