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Social Media Marketing Courses

Social Media Marketing Courses

Social media marketing is vital for business success.

How do you become savvy? Training.

Unlock the opportunities that social media marketing can create for your career or business. Large companies and small businesses alike need trained staff to successfully navigate the ever-changing social media landscape to build brand awareness, deepen customer loyalty and generate sales leads.

Whether you need an in-depth course or a quick overview, we offer several options to meet your needs. Check out our upcoming courses.

    Social Media Workshops

    Discover the benefits of Social Media Marketing in our upcoming workshops.

    • Social Media Strategies for Small Business - Discover the best strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, and YouTube and learn to manage your own website and blog content.
    • SEO and Social Journalism for Small Business - Learn strategies for attaining higher rankings on Google, writing engaging web copy and creating unforgettable photographs and graphics.
    • Online Marketing and Social Media for Small Businesses - Offering valuable insight and direction into the often confusing world of CMS, SEO, SEM, social media and online marketing, your instructor will show you how to take full control of your internet presence and offer simple strategies to maintain it.
    • Winning Facebook Strategies for Small Business - Students garner practical insights for driving social interactions, building multi-level campaigns, creating likable, linkable and sharable content, managing multiple authors, dealing with negative responses, creating a positive brand presence and sticking to a posting schedule.
    • Building a Small Business Website with WordPress - This workshop is designed to teach an absolute beginner how to build a business website using WordPress.
    • Small Business Photography and Videography - In this hands-on photography and videography workshop, specifically designed for the short-staffed small business owner, students learn how to create dynamic, engaging, likable, shareable and linkable photos and videos.

      Upcoming Courses

      Class schedule and cost
      Social Media Strategies for Small Business6 hoursWednesday
      April 20
      9 a.m. - 4 p.m. $75 
      SEO and Social Journalism for Small Business6 hours Wednesday
      May 19 
      9 a.m. - 4 p.m. $75 
      Online Marketing Basics for Small Businesses3 hours Monday
      June 6 
      9 a.m. - noon $75 
      Winning Facebook Strategies for Small Businesses3 hours Wednesday
      June 22 
      9 a.m. - noon $75 
      Building a Small Business Website with WordPress3 hours Friday
      July 8
      9 a.m. - noon $75 
      Small Business Photography and Videography3 hours Monday
      August 1
      9 a.m. - noon $75 


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