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Social Media

Social Media

A social media strategy is imperative for staying competitive in today's "plugged-in" society. Your competitors are using social media and are gaining the trust of your potential customers and, likely, your current customers.   Selsius™ realized this fact and not only began employing social media to engage with you, our customer, we also decided to offer you the training you need to be successful in your own social media efforts.

Selsius™ Social Media Training

Selsius™ offers a variety of social media training options, both in open enrollment courses or in contract classes just for your employees.  A practicing social media professional conducts our classes providing practical advice and training in a rapidly evolving subject area.

Our social media training topics include:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Blogs

Other social media topics are available upon request.  Call 618-222-5202 or  contact us for more information.

What is Social Media?

Start with Your Website.

Social media efforts should be anchored to an effective website. For a website to be effective, you must continually create new, meaningful content for your clients and site visitors.

Selsius™ has had a website since the early 1990's. We replaced the original site in 2006 and began a total redesign in 2011. That effort continues, but will never be "complete." Websites should be in a constant state of evolution.

Explore our entire website to learn about the services and products Selsius™ has available to help your business grow and thrive.

   Facebook Logo Selsius™ on Facebook 

According to Ian Dainty, an expert on Business to Business marketing, more than 50 percent of the population of the USA, Canada and Europe are connected via Facebook and use it regularly. That's reason enough for businesses to build a Facebook presence.

Selsius™ established its Facebook page in 2011. We post free content (such as technology tip videos), industry information, details about special courses, training discounts, free events, and information about our trainers and employees.  "Like" Selsius™ on Facebook today so you don't miss out on any of the free content or offers that are featured only on our Facebook page.

LinkedIn LogoSelsius™ on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a professional social network for individuals and businesses alike. Every second, two new users sign up for a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn allows you to post job openings, search for jobs, network, ask questions and search for products and services. 

Selsius™ created its LinkedIn presence in early 2012. Visit us on LinkedIn for information about jobs, events and offerings.  

YouTube logoSelsius™ YouTube Channel 

Selsius™ established a YouTube channel initially to offer clients free technology tips via Facebook. We have since grown our YouTube presence to provide GSA contract information, clips from various events, as well as business information of interest. Visit our YouTube Channel and check back frequently as we add new video content regularly.

Wikipedia logoSelsius™ on Wikipedia 

Selsius™ is listed on Wikipedia as a division of Southwestern Illinois College. Our information appears under the Academic Profile section.