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Training Video Development

Training Video Development

Well-developed training videos can provide benefits over other types of training for certain topics. Selsius™ can help you determine if developing a training video is right for your organization.

Why use training videos?

  • Train each employee and contractor exactly the way you want them trained every time
  • Provide on-demand training to individuals of large or a geographically diverse groups
  • Save on travel expenses and trainer costs
  • Target the specific needs of your workforce
  • Protect your company from potential legal action
    Learn more about your organization’s operations during video development

Effective training-video topics

  • New employee orientation
  • Safety training
  • Compliance training
  • New policy or procedure introduction

Selsius™ training-video development method

With the prevalence of video equipment and editing software, it might be tempting to try to create your own training video. But it’s more time consuming than you may think, and quality makes a huge difference for training.

Selsius™ has a proven approach to developing effective training videos. It starts with the right script.

Script development

  • For standard products, such as software training, we can develop the content and script based on your company’s needs. 
  • For training unique to your company, like safety training, you provide the content and script

Steps to successful training-video development

Once we have the script and content, our professional video developers will:

  1. Create slides for the video using your company’s logo/colors
  2. Record video and voice over
  3. Add visual effects for maximum message impact
  4. If requested, add quizzes to report how well employees understand and retain the training
  5. Deliver the final training video on a DVD, flash drive or in the cloud
Video Development
Technology staff Debra Lassman and Gina Niebrugge adding voice over to a video during the training video development process

Your role in training-video development

We are your partner and need your input. For that reason, we will plan many points throughout the project for you to review and revise the training video.

Keeping your videos current

Policies and regulations are bound to change. Selsius™ can revise your training videos to keep up with those changes.