Degree earns student professional success

7/16/2014 10:46:02 AM

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Jeremy BoeserEducation has led to achievement for Southwestern Illinois College student Jeremy Boeser.

Boeser, of Highland, recently received a promotion at work at Korte Construction, as he earned a degree in Construction Management Technology.

“I wanted something to fall back on if I needed to,” Boeser said. “Construction is what I’m really interested in and it’s something I’m interested in doing.”

Boeser works in his company office as a project engineer. It’s quite a step up from his previous jobs in the company warehouse and on job sites, he said.

Korte Vice President Brent Korte said Boeser was doing well. Boeser’s education helped bring him to the attention of his supervisors.

“He’s a hard worker, digs in and obviously wants to learn and grow his understanding of what it takes to be in construction,” Korte said. “There was an opportunity that arose, we needed some help on the project management side and we needed a young intern and we approached Jeremy to find out whether or not he was interested.”

But this promotion isn’t the end of training for him. His family owns a farm and he says getting his hands dirty is important.

“I’d like to get out in the field more and see what is happening instead of figuring out everything over the phone,” he said.

The key to that next step? His SWIC education. With his Associate in Applied Sciences in Construction Management Technology, he said he plans to finish a certificate in Building Integrated Modeling this summer.

One of his instructors, CMT Program Coordinator Jim Laing, said he was proud of Boeser’s success.

“Jeremy is a testament to the skills an education at SWIC can offer,” Laing said. “He has a sharp mind and a drive that will help him gain success as he goes onward in his career. Hopefully we helped him achieve some of that.”

For Boeser, his SWIC education has been worth the time and effort.

“I’d recommend it to somebody who’s not wanting to spend a whole lot of money and get some decent skills,” he said. “I would say it’s definitely worth the money spent.”

For more information on the SWIC Construction Management program, contact Laing at 618-235-2700, ext. 5209.