Senior Companion Program looking for volunteers

2/16/2017 12:39:37 PM

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Looking for a chance to brighten someone’s day and earn some extra money? Become a Senior Companion!

The Senior Companion Program pairs healthy, active people 55 and older with other seniors who otherwise would not be able to live independently. The program is sponsored by Southwestern Illinois College Programs and Services for Older Persons.

“The companions provide supportive, individualized services to help clients maintain their dignity and independence,” said Carla Boswell, director of the Senior Companion Program at PSOP. “The goal is  to keep them independent and in their own homes.”

Senior Companions provide companionship and assistance to their peers who are homebound or may be socially isolated. They visit one or more days per week for four or more hours per day and can assist with daily tasks, provide transportation, and give support and a much-needed break to full-time caregivers. Companions earn a nontaxable stipend and other benefits such as meal and travel reimbursements, as well as paid time off.

The Senior Companion Program is currently searching for volunteers in Madison, Monroe, Randolph and St. Clair counties. For more information on how to become a Senior Companion, contact Elaine Roustio in Madison County at 618-797-7369; Deena Duvall in Monroe or Randolph counties at 618-282-6682, ext. 8135; Charla Morton in St. Clair County at 618-234-4410, ext. 7095; or Deirdre Evans in the East St. Louis area at 618-874-6584.