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About the Bookstore

The SWIC bookstores, operated by Barnes & Noble, offer a comprehensive book buyback program (Cash for Books) that allows students to purchase used books at a 25 percent savings. The bookstore also offers NOOKstudy, a free software solution designed to enhance students’ academic experience and performance by enabling them to manage all their digital content – eTextbooks, class materials and their own notes—all in one place, so their digital library goes wherever they go.

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About Information Technology

Information Technology has been “virtualizing” SWIC servers so that more virtual servers are put on a physical server, which

  • Uses existing servers more fully
  • Reduces the number of physical servers needed
  • Reduces electrical power consumption
  • Decreases capital costs

IT creates student email addresses, and SWIC has adopted the practice of using student email as the primary means of communication to greatly reduce postage and paper costs and make SWIC greener.

The SWIC website has become the primary repository of SWIC information, reducing the need for paper brochures, pamphlets and course schedules. This also reduces postage and paper costs and creates one single source for SWIC information.

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About the Library

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle. At all three campuses, the SWIC library offers all replaced-yet-usable items (books, computers, shelving) to college departments and other libraries in the system. In addition to using energy-saving IT equipment and keeping lights off when not needed, the library works to reduce paper usage by promoting double-sided printing, pay-before-print, elimination of coversheets and handwritten “HOLD” lists and reusing interlibrary loan routing slips. Unwanted books and magazines are placed in library book sales or with textbook buyers. Subscriptions to paper versions of newspapers, magazines and reference books have been replaced with electronic access available 24/7 through the library's website. The library is a large recycler, recycling several hundred pounds of outdated newspapers, magazines and office paper each month. The library also promotes bottle and can recycling, with containers prominent in the libraries. The library also is a great source for green information.

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About the President's Office

SWIC has taken a leadership role in sustainability for higher education. Dr. Georgia Costello, Ph.D., is co-chair of the statewide Illinois Green Economy Network and was instrumental in getting the network started. In 2010, Dr. Costello signed the Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact. The goal of the compact is to encourage universities and colleges within the state to incorporate sustainability into their campus operations, academic and research programs, student activities and community outreach.

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About PSOP

PSOP has made sustainability a priority. The Alternative Transportation System uses hybrid buses. The Activities Department uses reusable cups, Corelle dishes and utensils during meals and activities instead of plastic foam cups and plates. Participants are encouraged to view the newsletter online, and email correspondence is used instead of postal mail when possible. The PSOP newsletter has a monthly sustainability suggestion. PSOP also hosts green table games and “Green You Can Do, Small Steps, Big Impact” workshops. PSOP encourages seniors to bring in the following items to recycle: paper, aluminum chip bags, old cell phones, prescription glasses and old shoes. As of July 2011, more than 120 pounds of aluminum cans have been recycled! PSOP has also partnered with other organizations to encourage sustainable efforts in senior housing sites and community gardens and provides volunteers for green events.

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About Public Information and Marketing

Public Information and Marketing has incorporated several green initiatives into its promotional efforts. PI&M representatives encourage clients to use electronic methods to promote their projects, including the SWIC website, social media websites, the college intranet portal, campus video screens and electronic billboards. Some of the biggest green efforts have included switching both the college’s annual report and monthly employee newsletter from paper to online versions.

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About the Purchasing Office

The Purchasing Office seeks to provide the college with sustainable purchasing alternatives that are economically viable and that meet the socially equitable and environmental values of the college. The office is moving forward in partnering with environmentally preferred vendor options and has developed green purchasing policies.

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SWIC President Georgia Costello, Ph.D., Senior Policy Advisor on the Environment Olivia Dorothy, Director of Sustainability Karen Stallman, Biology Instructor Susan Barker, Ph.D.

About the Sustainbility Center

Karen Stallman, Director of Sustainability, was hired in 2010. She supports SWIC’s sustainability efforts. Stallman works with all the campuses on the many sustainability efforts SWIC is undertaking. Many resources are available in the Sustainability Center, including a computer to access green information and books and DVDs available for check out from the library.

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