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About Building Renovations

Carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors measure the number of students and staff in areas of the building and adjust the air handling equipment to meet their needs, saving electricity and gas. All rooftop air handling equipment has been replaced with new, more energy-efficient units. The use of CFC-based refrigerants has been eliminated. Motion sensors in renovated rooms turn lights off when the rooms are not in use.

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About College Activities

College Activities organizes events to collect donations for nonprofit groups that support military families, abused women, homeless women with children, food shelters and others, all in the name of human sustainability.

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About Culinary Arts and Food Management

An herb garden with a rain barrel for irrigation was constructed and herbs are grown seasonally for use in the program. A new greenhouse will allow for year-round growing.

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About the Industrial Technology Center

Technical Education faculty teach credit and noncredit courses to traditionally enrolled students and those in local industries.

  • The Automotive Collision Repair Technology program teaches the environmentally friendly Waterborne Paint Technology. The equipment and supplies necessary to teach this cutting-edge technology are located in the ACRT shop.
  • Wind and solar power are taught in the Electrical program. The ITC has a grid-tied wind turbine and photovoltaic solar system. 
  • Energy auditing is taught in the Construction Management program. The ITC has all equipment necessary to teach energy auditing to include a blower door assembly, infrared cameras and a duct blaster. 
  • Geothermal systems are taught in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program. Two geothermal systems are located in the ITC, one using a double 150’+ vertical underground loop. 

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Madison County Transit Discount

Students and staff receive free Madison County Transit rides to campus. Bicycle racks around campus encourage alternative transportation.

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Recycling Efforts

  • Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, cardboard and all paper products are collected and recycled.
  • All metal scraps generated by the Industrial Technology Center are recycled.
  • Electronics that are not repairable or are out of service are recycled.
  • Tree limbs and brush are recycled.
  • Departments reuse paper whenever possible for scratch pads and other office and student use.

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About Storm Water Management

Storm water management was designed into the renovation of the new parking lots, which have rain gardens and swales in the new landscaping to improve drainage from the parking lot pavement into two retention ponds. This filters the water outflow, which reduces damage from campus flooding.

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About TRIO

Staff and students of the program

  • Participate in the Adopt-A-Street program by removing trash from a designated section of a local street.
  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter cleaning cages, walking dogs and cleaning.
  • Serve as on-call volunteers for Lewis and Clark Habitat for Humanity.
  • Collect food for a local food pantry.

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