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Monroe-Randolph Transit Routes

Red Bud Campus staff and the Monroe-Randolph Transit District have established van routes for students. This has provided a consumer-friendly and conservation-friendly introduction to mass transit at the Red Bud Campus.

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Paper Reduction Efforts

Electronic communication with students has reduced paper distribution.

  • The Red Bud Campus schedule and RBC block schedule are available on, replacing a mailing of more than 5,000 pieces of paper per semester.
  • Red Bud Advantage counseling and enrollment services information for currently enrolled students has been converted from paper mail to email notification.
  • Mailings to previously enrolled students (for the past three years) have been converted to email communications, a reduction of approximately 5,400 mail pieces annually.
  • College Activities created a Red Bud Campus Activities page on Facebook to communicate with a growing list of fans, further reducing distribution of paper fliers and announcements.

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About Recycling

The Red Bud Campus supports a continuing recycling effort. The Library participates in the SWIC system of recycling printed materials. The campus uses recycle bins to collect and process paper, plastic and aluminum. Additional bins are being added for placement next to faculty and office desks.

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About Video Conferencing

The college and Red Bud Campus use video conferencing for meetings with staff at other SWIC campuses. This effort has saved more than 3,000 miles annually, a reimbursable expense of more than $1,650. It has also eliminated more than 200 staff clock hours of “windshield” time, allowing staff to concentrate on more productive activities on campus.