Daily Crime Log 2012-05

Date: May 02, 2012-Wednesday at 15:28
Incident ID: 12-05-02-025371
Location: BCIS Coffee Shop (Room 1008)
Summary: Employee contacted Public Safety stating an individual was trying to pass counterfeit money. Individual was fleeing from the scene and possibly the building. Officers made contact with the individual. Business Office confirmed the counterfeit money to be real. Disposition: Cleared (BC)
Theft Under $300
Date: May 03, 2012-Thursday at 16:57
Incident ID: 12-05-03-025453 12-00172
Location: Sam Wolf Granite City Campus
Summary: Instructor came to Public Safety in reference to a theft that occurred 3 weeks ago. Disposition: Open/Report to follow (GC)
Reckless Driving
Date: May 07, 2012-Monday at 19:39
Incident ID: 12-05-07-025650
Location: BC Parking Lot M5
Summary: Public Safety was contacted about a Camaro driving recklessly in Parking Lot M-5 by the Welding Shop. Officers were dispatched and made contact with the driver in his classroom. Individual was given a verbal warning. Disposition: Cleared (BC)
Zero Tolerance Administrative Sanction
Date: May 08, 2012-Tuesday at 11:02
Incident ID: 12-05-08-025687
Location: BCIS Room 2166
Summary: Anonymous caller contacted Public Safety and stated his wifes teacher was offering his students alcohol during class on Monday 5/7/2012. Officer will be making contact with students who were in attendance during alleged incident to get statements. After speaking to several students, it was determined the incident was blown out of proportion. Disposition: Unfounded (BC).
Date: May 08, 2012-Tuesday at 17:23
Incident ID: 12-05-08-025721
Location: BCMC Public Safety Office (Room 1180)
Summary: Student came to Public Safety to report being verbally harrassed by a male individual. Disposition: Cleared/Unfounded (BC)
Theft Under $300
Date: May 10, 2012-Thursday at 12:46
Incident ID: 12-05-10-025837 12-00180
Location: BCMC Fitness Center (Room 0534)
Summary: Student reported to Public Safety their textbook was taken from the Fitness Center, Main Complex. Officers unable to make contact with suspect. Disposition: Cleared; Referred for Discipline.
Criminal Defacement of Property
Date: May 21, 2012-Monday at 09:33
Incident ID: 12-05-21-026359 12-00187
Location: Belleville Campus
Summary: Physical Plant reported a large amount of graffiti in a stairwell located in the Main Complex. Physical Plant will be removing the graffiti. Disposition: Inactive/No leads or suspects (BC)
Theft Under $300
Date: May 21, 2012-Monday at 20:57
Incident ID: 12-05-21-026389 12-00188
Location: Belleville Campus
Summary: Custodian reported items missing from multiple cleaning carts in the Main Complex. Disposition: Under Investigation (BC)
Theft of Labor or Services
Date: May 22, 2012-Tuesday at 09:02
Incident ID: 12-05-22-026416
Location: Bi-State / Metrolink
Summary: Student allowed a non-student to use their Student ID in attempt to ride the MetroLink. Officer confiscated ID & Metro Passes. Disposition: Cleared/ID and Metro Passes were destroyed (BC)