Daily Crime Log 2012-07

Reckless Driving
Date: Jul 03, 2012-Tuesday at 12:35
Incident ID: 12-07-03-028479
Location: BC Parking Lot M3
Summary: Officer made contact with a reckless driver in Parking Lot M-3. Individual was given a verbal warning for speeding and running a stop sign. Disposition: Cleared (BC)
Criminal Damage to Property
Date: Jul 06, 2012-Friday at 09:03
Incident ID: 12-07-06-028631 12-00226
Location: Other Off Campus Location
Summary: Employee contacted Public Safety in reference to graffiti on a sign at the PSOP Building. Employee was informed to contact Belleville Police Department to make a report. Disposition: Cleared (BC)
Criminal Trespass to State Supported Property
Date: Jul 12, 2012-Thursday at 08:44
Incident ID: 12-07-12-028970 12-00229
Location: BCMC Public Safety Office (Room 1180)
Summary: A non-student was arrested for violating an active PNG. Non-student was arrested for Criminal Trespass to State Supported Property. Disposition: Cleared by Arrest (BC)
Possession of a Controlled Substance
Date: Jul 18, 2012-Wednesday at 07:58
Incident ID: 12-07-18-029311 12-00235
Location: BC Information Sciences Bldg
Summary: Officer made contact with Student smoking synthetic marijuana/possession of a controlled substance in a restroom. Disposition: Under Investigation/Full Persona Non Grata Issued/Cleared (BC)
Bomb Threat
Date: Jul 19, 2012-Thursday at 07:33
Incident ID: 12-07-19-029378 12-00236
Location: Belleville Campus
Summary: Student reported a hand-written Bomb Threat note in Phase I, Main Complex, Men's Restroom. Campus was evacuated and classes canceled for Thursday, July 19, 2012. Disposition: Cleared By Arrest by St. Clair County Sheriff's Department (BC)
Theft from a Coin-Operated Machine
Date: Jul 19, 2012-Thursday at 18:32
Incident ID: 12-07-19-029413 12-00237
Location: Women's Restroom/Shower 347
Summary: Report of theft from vending machine. Disposition: Inactive/No Suspects Or Leads (SWGCC)
Theft Under $300
Date: Jul 23, 2012-Monday at 08:21
Incident ID: 12-07-23-029554 12-00238
Location: BCIS Library (Room 1025)
Summary: A student contacted Public Safety advising they needed to speak with an officer in reference to a possible theft of their book bag. Dispostition: Cleared By Arrest (BC)
Aggravated Battery
Date: Jul 23, 2012-Monday at 15:58
Incident ID: 12-07-23-029582 12-00239
Location: BCIS Registration (Room 1050)
Summary: Employee telephoned Public Safety to report a battery that had taken place in front of the Registration window. Officers responded to the scene and took one individual into custody. Disposition: Cleared By Arrest (BC)
Disorderly Conduct
Date: Jul 31, 2012-Tuesday at 14:48
Incident ID: 12-07-31-030052 12-00243
Location: BC Information Sciences Bldg
Summary: Employee contacted Public Safety regarding a student who made a verbal threat against SWIC over the telephone. Officers made contact with the student responsible for the threat at an off campus location. Disposition: Cleared By Arrest/Persona Non Grata Issued (BC)