Associate in Applied Science Degree (0061) - Electrical Design and Management (EDM)


The Electrical Design and Management program at Southwestern Illinois College will prepare graduates to design electrical systems for residential and commercial structures; and for entry-level electrical construction project management. The program will provide knowledge, skills and expertise in all phases of electrical construction project management including planning, analyzing, designing, scheduling, installing, maintaining, testing and constructing of electrical systems in accordance with national electrical code and current industry standards.

The program focuses on electrical distribution systems for modern residential and commercial buildings with emphasis on basic electricity theories, practices and codes; design and construction of electrical distribution systems; computer-aided drafting; lighting design; electrical estimating; project safety; project planning and scheduling; interpretation of contracts; and claims management.

As a designer of electrical systems, graduates will be able to apply their practical knowledge of electrical systems by preparing wiring diagrams of distribution systems for installers. On large projects, such as modern commercial buildings, electrical system designers usually work in conjunction with electrical engineers or architects, and they will use two- and three-dimensional computer-aided design programs to complete their technical drawings. Electrical system designers specify the layout, materials, and procedures needed to construct and implement a new electrical system. As an electrical project manager, graduates will be able to apply planning and scheduling, jobsite safety, and contract interpretation techniques to ensure the project is safely completed in accordance with the contract specifications.

Electricians and other technicians who might want to grow their skills would also benefit from this program.

Employers value the balanced treatment that SWIC gives to various aspects of electrical systems design and management. They know that graduates of the program are well prepared as entry-level technicians who possess the technical and academic skills needed to design and manage electrical systems in residential and commercial buildings.

First Year

Fall Semester
Course Number Course Description Credits
EET 101 Intro to Electricity & Electronics 5
ENG 101 Rhetoric & Composition I 3
GT 104 Math for Electricity and Electronics 4
  Humanities OR Social Science Elective  3
Total Semester Credits: 15


Spring Semester
Course Number Course Description Credits
EET 131 Electrical Wiring Practices 3
ENG 102 Rhetoric & Composition II 3
CAD 120Introductory CAD3
CAD 101 Basic Drafting 4
CMT 244 Occupational Safety & Health 3
Total Semester Credits: 16


Summer Session
Course Number Course Description Credits
  Human Relations Elective 3
  Human Well Being Elective  2
Total Semester Credits: 5

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Second Year

Fall Semester
Course Number Course Description Credits
EET 103 Technical Communication 3
EDM 211 Electrical Code Calculations 3
EDM 212 Electrical Construction Materials & Methods 3
EDM 213 Electrical Design I 3
CMT 257 Construction Planning & Scheduling 3
Total Semester Credits: 15


Spring Semester
Course Number Course Description Credits
EDM 221 Electrical Lighting Systems Design 3
EDM 222 Electrical Estimating 3
EDM 223 Electrical Design II 3
EDM 224 Low Voltage Systems 3
CMT 258 Contracts & Claims 3
EET 269 Electrical and Electronics Technology Capstone 2
Total Semester Credits: 17