Daily Crime Log 2012-10

Date: Oct 01, 2012-Monday at 14:22
Incident ID: 12-10-01-033796 12-00320
Location: BC Mod Bldg 6
Summary: Employee contacted Public Safety to report a theft of a projector from Modular Building 6. Disposition: Under Investigation. (BC)
Possession of Cannabis - 2.5-10grams
Date: Oct 09, 2012-Tuesday at 12:03
Incident ID: 12-10-09-034306 12-00327
Location: BCMC Entrance B
Summary: Employee reported an individual asking for money outside of Entrance "B", Main Complex. Individual was taken into custody in reference to Possession of Cannabis. Disposition: Under Investigation. (BC)
Theft Under $300
Date: Oct 11, 2012-Thursday at 13:37
Incident ID: 12-10-11-034455
Location: Sam Wolf Granite City Campus
Summary: Student called Public Safety in reference to a student in her class possibly stealing her purse. Student stated she was en route to Public Safety to make a report. Disposition: Under Investigation. (SWGCC)
Theft Under $300
Date: Oct 11, 2012-Thursday at 17:34
Incident ID: 12-10-11-034471 12-00328
Location: BCLA Room 2216
Summary: Student came to the Public Safety window stating his cell phone was misplaced and found by a fellow student. The person who found the phone, told the owner she returned it to the Public Safety Department. After this report was investigated further, the phone was located. Disposition: As of 10/18/12, Referred to State's Attorney for Felony charges and referred for Discipline. (BC)
Harassment by Telephone
Date: Oct 15, 2012-Monday at 08:37
Incident ID: 12-10-15-034639 12-00332
Location: BCIS Success Center (Room 1145)
Summary: Employee contacted Public Safety in reference to Harassment by Telephone in the Success Center, Information Sciences Building. Disposition: Under Investigation. (BC)
Date: Oct 15, 2012-Monday at 08:52
Incident ID: 12-10-15-034640
Location: BCMC Public Safety Office (Room 1180)
Summary: Student came to Public Safety to report an incident that happened off-campus on the MetroLink. Student called St. Clair County Sheriff's Office to file a police report. Disposition: Cleared (BC)
Date: Oct 15, 2012-Monday at 12:30
Incident ID: 12-10-15-034651 12-00335
Location: BCMC Room 1501
Summary: An individual reported to Public Safety a possible Battery that occurred while in the Varsity Gym on Saturday, October 13, 2012. Disposition: Cleared/Refusal to Prosecute signed. (BC)
Solicitation on School Property
Date: Oct 16, 2012-Tuesday at 17:23
Incident ID: 12-10-16-034756
Location: Belleville Campus
Summary: Public Safety removed material from the Alcove tables, Main Complex. Disposition: Cleared (BC)
Date: Oct 16, 2012-Tuesday at 18:54
Incident ID: 12-10-16-034766
Location: Belleville Campus
Summary: Student reported and provided Public Safety with text messages she was receiving from an unknown individual that implied they were watching her while she was on campus. Disposition: Under Investigation (BC)
In-State Warrant
Date: Oct 23, 2012-Tuesday at 13:35
Incident ID: 12-10-23-035201 12-00345
Location: BCMC Room 1461
Summary: Officers made contact with student in Room 1461, Main Complex; student was taken into custody for an Active Warrant and transported to the St. Clair County Courthouse. Disposition: Cleared (BC)
Unlawful Possession of Firearms or Ammunition
Date: Oct 25, 2012-Thursday at 14:22
Incident ID: 12-10-25-035383 12-00351
Location: BCMC Public Safety Office (Room 1180)
Summary: Student requested an officer to respond to the Cyber Lounge, Main Complex, in reference to a suspicious male involved in possible drug activity. Officer brought the suspicious male subject back to the Public Safety interview room, and during the search, found a firearm in his possession. The male subject was arrested and turned over to the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department. Disposition: Cleared by Arrest/Released to St. Clair County Sheriff's Department Investigators; pending criminal charges. PNG issued. (BC)
Possession of Cannabis - 10-30 grams
Date: Oct 26, 2012-Friday at 15:05
Incident ID: 12-10-26-035460 12-00354
Location: BC Nature Trail
Summary: Officers observed two male subjects sitting on a bench located in a closed section of the Nature Trail. Officers made contact with the two male subjects. One male subject came back with an Active In-State Warrant. Disposition: Cleared by Arrest for Possession of Cannabis. (BC)
Date: Oct 29, 2012-Monday at 15:47
Incident ID: 12-10-29-035594 12-00358
Location: BCMC Foundation Office (Room 2240)
Summary: A Foundation Office employee reported her wallet was possibly stolen from her office, room 2240, Main Complex. Disposition: Under Investigation (BC)
Theft Under $300
Date: Oct 30, 2012-Tuesday at 09:50
Incident ID: 12-10-30-035649 12-00359
Location: BCMC Room 2463
Summary: Student reported a possible theft of their backpack from SWIC property. Determined property was taken from an off campu location. Disposition: Unfounded (BC)
Theft Under $300
Date: Oct 30, 2012-Tuesday at 14:16
Incident ID: 12-10-30-035670
Location: BCIS Coffee Shop (Room 1008)
Summary: Employee informed Public Safety that an individual stole merchandise from the Coffe Shop. Officers determined the employee forgot that the individual paid for the merchandise. Disposition: Unfounded (BC)
Theft Over $300
Date: Oct 31, 2012-Wednesday at 20:01
Incident ID: 12-10-31-035773
Location: BCMC Welding Shop (Room 1521)
Summary: Student reported his cell phone was possibly missing from his jacket. Student was unsure when it went missing and was unsure if he wanted a report. Officer tried to relocate the student during break but student had left for the night. Officer contacted his family and was informed the student located his cell phone. Disposition: Cleared (BC)