Student Ambassadors

Do you enjoy your experience as a student at SWIC?
Are you on track with your academic or career goals?
Are you confident and approachable?
Do you want to tell your story to others?

If you answered yes to these questions, you might make a perfect Student Ambassador.

Who are Southwestern Illinois College Student Ambassadors?

Southwestern Illinois College Student Ambassadors are students who represent the SWIC student body through face-to-face interaction with new and prospective students on campus tours, at college events and through one-on-one contact.

Ambassadors answer questions such as: What are the campuses like? How do I register for classes? What can I study? And how will I fit in? They represent the college and help prospective students get to know SWIC. Ambassadors lead tours of the campus, assist the Admissions staff in serving students' needs and keep in touch with prospective students as they make important decisions about their education.

We understand the pressures of college decision-making. It is important for prospective students to have first-hand information from peers familiar with student life at SWIC. Student Ambassadors assist prospective students at all stages of the process. Their involvement in recruiting and orientation programs is designed to help new students make an easy transition to SWIC.

How Can I Become A Student Ambassador?

If leadership and interacting with people are skills you have, or skills you want to develop, apply to become a SWIC Student Ambassador.

Student Ambassadors enjoy a flexible schedule, are required to work up to six hours per week and are paid for their services. They work out of the Belleville Campus Enrollment Services office. If becoming a Student Ambassador works with your academic goals, take the first step and apply. Applications are available in the Enrollment Services office, Information Science Building, Room 1050. Or you can download an application (Adobe PDF File) and turn it in to Enrollment Services.

Why Do Ambassadors Lead Campus Tours?

There is no better way to get a feel for the college than by visiting the campus. Student Ambassadors lead Belleville Campus tours to help new and prospective students become more familiar with the campus in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. The tours are free and without obligation.