Daily Crime Log 2013-03

Theft Under $300
Date: Mar 01, 2013-Friday at 12:14
Incident ID: 13-03-01-042073
Location: BCMC Cafe Cash Registers (Room 1301)
Summary: Employee let a student borrow her cellphone and when she turned around the student was no where to be found. Officer was notified and located the student; the student advised he gave the cell phone back to the employee. Disposition: Unfounded (BC)
Burglary from Motor Vehicle
Date: Mar 04, 2013-Monday at 19:31
Incident ID: 13-03-04-042232
Location: BC Parking Lot M4
Summary: Student came to Public Safety in reference to items missing from his vehicle in Parking Lot M-4. Student did not want to make a report regarding the incident. Disposition: Cleared. (BC)
Reckless Conduct
Date: Mar 06, 2013-Wednesday at 10:59
Incident ID: 13-03-06-042364 13-00078
Location: BC Parking Lot M4
Summary: Student reported a fellow student shot their vehicle with a paintball gun in Parking Lot M-4. Disposition: Student with paintball gun was issued a Social Persona Non Grata /Referred for Student Discipline (BC)
Date: Mar 07, 2013-Thursday at 09:49
Incident ID: 13-03-07-042446 13-00079
Location: BC Athletic Fields
Summary: Officers were informed that a maintenance worker saw two people in a car next to the softball fields. Students were believed to be engaged in inappropriate conduct. Disposition: Cleared/Referred for Discipline/Both students were issued social PNG's. (BC)
Theft of Lost or Mislaid Property
Date: Mar 08, 2013-Friday at 11:16
Incident ID: 13-03-08-042543 13-00086
Location: BCMC Women's Staff Locker Room (Room 0517)
Summary: Employee stated her wallet was taken from the Women's Staff Locker Room on Wednesday, March 6, 2013. Disposition: Under Investigation (BC)
Traffic - Illinois Vehicle Code
Date: Mar 08, 2013-Friday at 16:03
Incident ID: 13-03-08-042564
Location: BC Parking Lot M3
Summary: Officer issued a verbal warning to an individual for speeding in Parking Lot M-3. Disposition: Cleared/Verbal Warning Issued. (BC)
Theft of Lost or Mislaid Property
Date: Mar 18, 2013-Monday at 15:48
Incident ID: 13-03-18-042990 13-00090
Location: BCMC Room 2040
Summary: Employee reported possible theft of her cell phone which was left in the Main Complex Building, 2nd Floor, Room 2040 area. Disposition: Cleared. (BC)
Criminal Damage to Property
Date: Mar 27, 2013-Wednesday at 20:11
Incident ID: 13-03-27-043599 13-00096
Location: Sam Wolf Granite City Campus
Summary: Staff reported vandalism in the Men's Restroom near Room 531. Disposition: Inactive/No leads or suspects. (SWGCC)
Retail Theft
Date: Mar 28, 2013-Thursday at 09:53
Incident ID: 13-03-28-043634 13-00097
Location: BCMC Cafe Cash Registers (Room 1301)
Summary: ARAMARK reported a Retail Theft had occurred in the cafeteria. ARAMARK wished to pursue criminal charges for the theft. Suspect was located by officers and brought back to the Public Safety office where she was charged with Retail Theft and released with a Notice To Appear Citation. Disposition: Cleared by Arrest. (BC)