Daily Crime Log 2013-07

Possession of Cannabis-Less than 2.5 Grams
Date: Jul 01, 2013-Monday at 19:04
Incident ID: 13-07-01-049113 13-00195
Location: Other Off Campus Location
Summary: Instructor reported three students were involved with possession of cannabis while participating in a college tour in Chicago, Illinois, on June 27, 2013. Disposition: Cleared/Referred for Discipline.
Date: Jul 08, 2013-Monday at 09:01
Incident ID: 13-07-08-049406 13-00197
Location: BCMC Public Safety Office (Room 1180)
Summary: The Business Office was contacted by a local business who stated two subjects attempted to cash two different fraudulent checks which were written on fake SWIC checks. Both checks had SWIC's information as the owner of the checks but did not have the correct SWIC routing and bank account number. Neither check was cashed. Disposition: Under Investigation. (BC)
Public Indecency
Date: Jul 08, 2013-Monday at 14:51
Incident ID: 13-07-08-049430 13-00198
Location: BCIS Library (Room 1025)
Summary: Librarian reported a student observed a subject performing lewd sexual conduct in the Library, Information Sciences Building, Room 1025. Officers located subject at the MetroLink platform. Subject ran from officers; officers located the subject and took the subject into custody. Disposition: Cleared by Arrest/Charges issued for Public Indecency and Obstructing on July 10, 2013. (BC)
Theft Under $300
Date: Jul 09, 2013-Tuesday at 11:25
Incident ID: 13-07-09-049484 13-00199
Location: BCMC Room 2083
Summary: Student reported credit cards possibly stolen from their wallet in Room 2083, Main Complex. Written Statement Form was completed. Disposition: Under Investigation. (BC)
Theft Over $300
Date: Jul 10, 2013-Wednesday at 12:00
Incident ID: 13-07-10-049558 13-00204
Location: BCMC Room 2183
Summary: Employee reported a Laptop Computer missing from Room 2183, Main Complex, between Friday, July 5 and July 9, 2013. Disposition: Cleared/Unfounded/Computer located in the assigned department. (BC)
Burglary from Motor Vehicle
Date: Jul 10, 2013-Wednesday at 12:09
Incident ID: 13-07-10-049560 13-00205
Location: BC Parking Lot I1
Summary: Officers assisted Belleville Police Department with a subject looking into vehicles on Wal-Mart Parking Lot, suspect was spotted by officers on campus and taken into custody by Public Safety in Parking Lot I-1. Belleville Police Department arrived on campus. Suspect was escorted back to the Public Safety Office, Room 1180, Main Complex. Disposition: Cleared by Arrest. (BC)
Date: Jul 17, 2013-Wednesday at 09:53
Incident ID: 13-07-17-049923 13-00213
Location: BCMC Public Safety Office (Room 1180)
Summary: Student reported being stalked while on campus by a non-student (former student). Written Statement Form was completed. Disposition: Cleared/PNG issued via mail/Referred for Discipline/Title IX. (BC)
Telephone Threats
Date: Jul 19, 2013-Friday at 11:06
Incident ID: 13-07-19-050057
Location: BCIS Room 1155
Summary: Employee has reported several times of being harassed over the telephone in Information Sciences Building, Room 1155. Officer responded to the area and listened to the message. Disposition: Under Investigation. (BC)
Theft Under $300
Date: Jul 22, 2013-Monday at 11:02
Incident ID: 13-07-22-050167
Location: BC Parking Lot M5
Summary: Contractor informed Public Safety that material was stolen from their site in Parking Lot M-5 between Saturday July 20 and Monday July 22, 2013. There are no cameras in the area to help investigate the theft. Disposition: Inactive/No Leads or Suspects. (BC)