Daily Crime Log 2013-08

Date: Aug 19, 2013-Monday at 15:18
Incident ID: 13-08-19-051566 13-00222
Location: BCMC Public Safety Office (Room 1180)
Summary: Student came to the Public Safety Office to report a harassment incident with her ex-boyfriend. Officer made contact with the ex-boyfriend regarding the incident. The ex-boyfriend, also a former student, was advised not to make any contact with his ex-girlfriend while on campus. Disposition: Cleared. (BC)
Date: Aug 27, 2013-Tuesday at 13:59
Incident ID: 13-08-27-052061 13-00230
Location: Sam Wolf Granite City Campus
Summary: Student reported he was being stalked/ harassed by another student. Disposition: Cleared/No Contact Orders Issued. (SWGCC)
Theft of Lost or Mislaid Property
Date: Aug 29, 2013-Thursday at 15:24
Incident ID: 13-08-29-052210 13-00234
Location: BCMC Public Safety Office (Room 1180)
Summary: Student reported his wallet was missing from either the Cyber Lounge or Cafeteria. At this time, it is unknown if the wallet was lost or stolen. Disposition: Under Investigation. (BC)
Disorderly Conduct
Date: Aug 30, 2013-Friday at 12:32
Incident ID: 13-08-30-052276
Location: BCMC Entrance A
Summary: Employee reported four individuals possibly going to urinate outside Entrance "A", Main Complex. Officers responded to the area and advised they were unable to locate the individuals. Disposition: Cleared/Unable to Locate. (BC)
Date: Aug 30, 2013-Friday at 14:55
Incident ID: 13-08-30-052286 13-00236
Location: Printing Services 437
Summary: Employee came to public safety to report an altercation with another employee. Disposition: Cleared/Unfounded. (SWGCC)