2012-13 Financials

In accordance with the Illinois community college system funding formulas, Southwestern Illinois College financial support comes from three primary sources: tuition and fees; enrollment-based state funding; and local property taxes. Complementary income is generated through federal, state and local grants, and philanthropic donations through the SWIC Foundation. All funds are dedicated to furthering the core mission of instruction, as every dollar invested in a community college yields a three-fold regional return on investment.

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Chart - FY2013 Revenue

Revenue By the Numbers
Local RevenueLocal$13,558,534$4,825,897$18,384,431
State RevenueState$12,462,790$2,080,005$14,542,795
Tuition RevenueTuition$29,720,788-$29,720,788
Other RevenueOther$665,544$74,960$740,504

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Chart - FY2013 Expeditures

Breakdown of Expenditures
Instruction ExpendituresInstruction$29,114,755-$29,114,755
Academic ExpendituresAcademic$1,763,069-$1,763,069
Student ExpendituresStudent$6,755,346-$6,755,346
Public ExpendituresPublic$1,263,690-$1,263,690
O&M of PlantO&M of Plant-$6,158,551$6,158,551
Institutional ExpendituresInstitutional$14,739,611$1,151,306$15,890,917

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Federal Grants—36 grants totaling $32,654,975

$28,546,924Department of Education Title IV funds to Southwestern Illinois College for Pell, SEOG, ACG, Work Study and Loan programs to administer grant aid, loans and federal and regular student employment funds.
$1,068,021Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grant to expand the Welding program and Adult Basic Education offerings through new machinery, technology, curriculum and improved facilities.
$692,742Corporation for National and Community Services to Senior Companion Program, Retired and Senior Volunteer Program and Foster Grandparent Program for engaging healthy active persons 60+ with other seniors who otherwise would not be able to live independently, assisting retirees with volunteer placement and grandparents mentoring to the district's youth.
$584,008Perkins Postsecondary Grant to Southwestern Illinois College for improvement of academic and technical skills of students participating in Career and Technical Education programs.
$443,090Corporation for National and Community Services to the Belleville AmeriCorps program for the social service agency's education and community development activities.
$336,976Department of Education to Adult Basic Education to provide program support, such as "improvement of instructional services (professional development), general administration, operation and maintenance of plant services, workforce coordination, data and information services, and indirect costs."
$259,227Department of Transportation to the Highway Construction Careers Training Program to provide training for students to find employment with construction companies or to be accepted into trade union apprenticeship programs.
$210,119Department of Education to the Student Support Services (TRIO) Program to help students increase their grade point average, stay enrolled in college classes, and transfer to a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor's degree.

State Grants—49 grants totaling $4,486,499

$1,126,442Illinois Community College Board to Adult Basic Education for remedial and developmental instruction for students, vocational studies, GED studies, English as a second language, and Citizenship classes for students whose academic skills are deficient to meet their goals.
$1,303,141Illinois Green Economy Network grants to provide administrative services and oversight to complete development of green jobs; provide public outreach to schools, community and homeowners; and to enter into partnerships with Illinois businesses, industrial leaders, educators and utilities to promote the green initiative.
$505,818Grants for Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Urban Weatherization Initiatives
$467,732Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity grants to provide a coordinated approach to offering relevant energy efficiency and green technology training opportunities to community college faculty and staff and community members.
$305,000Illinois Community College Board to the East St. Louis Community College Center to support the college's academic programs, tutoring and counseling services, as well as computer labs.
$128,751Illinois Department on Aging to provide volunteer services for income eligible adults age 55 and older and to those at risk of institutionalization.
$127,132Illinois Community College Board to Adult Basic Education for the Early School Leaver Program to provide education, training and job placement opportunities to out of high school youths in St. Clair and Madison counties.
$105,000Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to ensure the continuation of the Illinois Green Economy Network.

Local Grants—22 grants totaling $2,639,070

$2,145,681St. Clair County Transit District to Southwestern Illinois College for transportation for persons with disabilities and/or elderly persons who reside within the boundaries of the Metro East Transit District of St. Clair County.
$69,414Cash match for federal AmeriCorps grant for education and community development activities.
$62,918St. Clair County Mental Health Board to Southwestern Illinois College to assist in providing crisis intervention and care giving counseling to seniors 60+ along with those individuals caring for an elderly person.
$62,500St. Clair County Board to Southwestern Illinois College to provide activities, information, and social and health services to senior citizens aged 60 and over.