Daily Crime Log 2014-04

Date: Apr 03, 2014-Thursday at 12:41
Incident ID: 14-04-03-164787 14-00110
Location: Sam Wolf Granite City Campus
Summary: Student contacted Public Safety about her ex-husband harassing her while at school. Ex-husband is a non-student and departed campus before Officers could locate him. Disposition: Under Investigation. (SWGCC)
Sex Offender - Failure to Register
Date: Apr 07, 2014-Monday at 15:42
Incident ID: 14-04-07-165022 14-00113
Location: BCLA 3328 (Classroom)
Summary: Officers located a student in the Second Floor of the Liberal Arts Complex who had Failed to Register as a Sex Offender. Officers Issued the Student a Full PNG and escorted him off of campus without incident. Disposition: Cleared/Full PNG Issued. (BC)
Possession of Stolen Property
Date: Apr 08, 2014-Tuesday at 10:03
Incident ID: 14-04-08-165082 14-00115
Location: BC Liberal Arts Complex
Summary: Students were in possession of another student's cell phone in First Floor, Liberal Arts Complex.Disposition: Cleared by Arrest/Full Persona Non Grata issued. (BC)
Harassment by Telephone
Date: Apr 17, 2014-Thursday at 16:45
Incident ID: 14-04-17-165865
Location: BCIS Room 1126
Summary: Counseling Center Employee contacted Public Safety reporting a Student Worker received a call from a Student wanting to report her instructor was inappropriately calling her at home. Disposition: Cleared. (BC)
Theft Under $300
Date: Apr 23, 2014-Wednesday at 16:53
Incident ID: 14-04-23-166248
Location: BC Mod Bldg 5
Summary: Employee approached the Public Safety window requesting to make a theft report in reference to a measuring stick possibly stolen from Modular Building 5 or 7. Employee later refused to make a report. Disposition: Cleared. (BC)
Theft Under $300
Date: Apr 23, 2014-Wednesday at 17:46
Incident ID: 14-04-23-166249 14-00126
Location: Sam Wolf Granite City Campus
Summary: Individual reported his circuit breaker bus pass was stolen in the SWGCC Library. Disposition: Cleared. (SWGCC)
Theft Over $300
Date: Apr 25, 2014-Friday at 15:53
Incident ID: 14-04-25-166419 14-00129
Location: BCMC Men's Locker Room (Room 0528)
Summary: Student reported a possible theft of his cell phone from the Men's P.E. Locker Room, Main Complex, Lower Level, Room 0528, between 1452-1525 hours on 4/25/14. Disposition: Cleared by Arrest. (BC)
Possession of Cannabis - 2.5-10grams
Date: Apr 29, 2014-Tuesday at 10:59
Incident ID: 14-04-29-166650
Location: BCMC Entrance D
Summary: Employee spotted a Suspicious Male from a previous incident near Parking Lot, M-2. Officers made contact with subject at Entrance "E", Main Complex. Subject was escorted back to Public Safety Office Room, 1180 Main Complex. Cannabis was found on subject. Disposition: Cleared by Arrest. (BC)