Daily Crime Log 2014-06

Date: Jun 10, 2014-Tuesday at 11:51
Incident ID: 14-06-10-169206 14-00154
Location: BCMC Room 1421
Summary: Employee reported a subject stalking a student in their class. Subject was taken into custody and transported off campus to St. Clair County Jail. Disposition: Cleared by Arrest/Referred to Title IX Coordinator. (BC)
Disorderly Conduct
Date: Jun 12, 2014-Thursday at 20:32
Incident ID: 14-06-12-169400 14-00156
Location: BC Parking Lot M1
Summary: Individual approached the Public Safety window reporting a male subject asked him if he wanted to smoke cannabis before attempting to gain entry into the individual's vehicle. Officer located the subject at the Circle Drive between the LAC and ISB, and issued him a Notice to Appear and a Full PNG. Officer escorted the subject to the subject's mother, who transported the subject off campus without further incident. Disposition: Cleared/Notice to Appear/Full PNG Issued. (BC)
Motor Vehicle Theft
Date: Jun 16, 2014-Monday at 14:40
Incident ID: 14-06-16-169544 14-00157
Location: BC Parking Lot I1
Summary: Student reported as he walked to where he parked his vehicle, his vehicle was no longer there. Officers searched areas on campus and were unable to locate his vehicle. Student's vehicle was entered into Law Enforcement Databases as stolen. Disposition: Cleared/Vehicle recovered in Oklahoma; suspect eluded police-Charges Pending. (BC)
Reckless Driving
Date: Jun 17, 2014-Tuesday at 09:23
Incident ID: 14-06-17-169614 14-00159
Location: BC Parking Lot M4
Summary: Employee reported a student driving recklessly while approaching campus. Officer made contact with student, and issued student Driving Restriction for parking on campus. Disposition: Cleared/Driving Restriction Issued. (BC)
Criminal Trespass to State Supported Property
Date: Jun 20, 2014-Friday at 09:02
Incident ID: 14-06-20-169847
Location: BCMC Public Safety Office (Room 1180)
Summary: Former student who was issued a Full PNG came to the Public Safety window stating he needed to use the phone. The full PNG process was explained again to the former student and he was escorted off campus. Disposition: Cleared/Verbal Warning Issued. (BC)
Retail Theft
Date: Jun 23, 2014-Monday at 15:40
Incident ID: 14-06-23-169989
Location: BCMC Cafe Cash Registers (Room 1301)
Summary: Employee requested an officer review camera footage from 6/20/14 between the hours of 1100 and 1430 hours in reference to possible Retail Theft from the Main Cafeteria, Main Complex, Room 1301. Disposition: Cleared/Unfounded. (BC)
Criminal Defacement of Property
Date: Jun 27, 2014-Friday at 19:11
Incident ID: 14-06-27-170330
Location: Belleville Campus
Summary: Officers responded to the phase one, first floor elevator, in reference to graffiti inside the elevator. Photo's were obtained for further investigation. Disposition: Cleared. (BC)