The Career Decision Pyramid

Career Exploration and Decision-Making -- Using the Career Pyramid

Choosing a career is more than simply flipping a coin or searching the Internet for the next high demand job. The Career Decision Pyramid** is a career exploration and decision-making model designed to assist you with making informed, thoughtful career choices.

Using the Pyramid

Read the five career statements on the Pyramid, starting with Level 1, and select the statement that best represents your current career situation. Next, using the Career Decision Pyramid menu (box to the right), click on the same color-coded level to be linked to a list of helpful resources offered by SWIC and in the community. These resources can assist you in moving forward and upward with your career decision.


level 5 level 4level 3 

Print the Career Decision Pyramid handout (pdf)

**Used with permission. The Career Decision Pyramid is a copyrighted product of the National Association of Colleges and Employers, copyright holder.